MW3: Live Double Moab Gameplay!


MW3: Live Double Moab Gameplay!

Wed, Jun 27, 2012

Modern Warfare 3

Enjoy the video guys! Mike
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  1. ch052302 Says:

    yo i get moabs playin demolition all the time i have a team we spawn trap if u have a kd of a 150 or better message me gamertag is ksi fang.

  2. Mike duce Says:

    Hey, have you heard about geting a free $250 GameStop Card?
    Google ( Monster Snag ) to see what I mean Its under . only reason I am posting this is because, I really got a Giftcard! You are Welcome!

  3. phzix123 Says:

    How come I prestige in black ops and did not get a prestige token?

  4. JerardCarter Says:

    Prestige tokens from previous Call of Duties, they also give you one for other things, like I got one after pre ordering Black Ops 2

  5. TheJxd23 Says:

    check out my channel!

  6. Aragonofireland Says:

    so close to triple


  7. OohJacob Says:

    You have 4 bar they have 3 bar. Erm…

  8. GutairPro Says:

    Sombodys gotta life….

  9. wirechair Says:

    hmmm, i’d like to see the day someone makes 2 moabs in one game……..with throwing knives only!

  10. howlingmad0516 Says:

    you were on a 22 killstreak

  11. jose martinez Says:

    Gt. Elite Bearr add me any1 Xbox 360

  12. Kappermydtskov Says:

    You’re a fucking god

  13. TheRacerGT Says:

    if u prestige in other call of duties u get a prestige token and i think maybe beating the campaign in hardened or veteran (not to sure)

  14. Thshiznitz23 Says:

    How do u hav that much classes if u havnt prestige?

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