Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

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  1. Gatorpimpfly Says:

    nobody believe this peice of shit loser, he is lying ctrl + w leaves the website ur on, he cant help he is a fag an has no life

  2. Fishdogs007 Says:

    Hey Guys. I am a COD commentator.
    I know there are hundreds of other commentators out there.
    But i would really really appreciate it if you could take
    a few minutes out of your day to check out my channel.
    Thanks Heaps (Please send me a PM if you subscribed to me)

  3. SoulRippa9mi11i Says:

    i cant wait to see what people will abuse this time. bullshit is strongly expected.

  4. COOLHANDLUKE808 Says:

    It looks like in 1:24 through 1:27 that the sniper has a gold sniper rifle

  5. sabansaban12345 Says:

    Sorry but not getting it I’m getting bf3

  6. ZafirosBonitos Says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has commented about this, but Kill Confirmed is not like King of the Hill. The only difference from TDM is you have to collect those dog tags for the kill to count, while the other team has the chance to collect those same dog tags and deny you that kill.

  7. 67589josh67589 Says:

    he diddnt run through the stealth bomber he callled it in so that it would strike behind him as he ran. hes quite a badass

  8. xXReiner32Xx Says:

    @metalhed777 um the entire vid looks new queer

  9. xXReiner32Xx Says:

    @metalhed777 um the entire begging looks new queer

  10. lightitupfool Says:

    “It looks like MW2″ And this whole time I thought it was gonna look like Mario Cart.

  11. Sgreenenov13 Says:

    hey look its modern warfare 2.5

  12. knucks360 Says:

    @123SP33DY123 Hey it worked THANKS!! ; D

  13. lcrazykid Says:


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