Mw3 or Battlefield 3?


Mw3 or Battlefield 3?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Question by : Mw3 or Battlefield 3?
I have Battlefield 3 and have played Mw3. Which game is the best in your opinion?

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Answer by Kristina Lang
Personally: MW3.
Though i’ve never played Battlefield 3, my brother says it’s not the best. The multi-player sucks, so you wouldn’t want to play it for that. But they’re both suppose to be legit and amazing. So either one really.

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  1. Your Local Hero Says:

    I also have both games, but while both are fun, I have to say that I prefer the online play on BF3. It’s more team based and you do more. You can heal your team and bring them back to life. The maps on BF3 are bigger and better. Now, I’m not terrible at MW3, I’m quite good, but it just feels like every corner you turn you just die. I enjoy the way BF3 plays out. You take your time and push forward with your team rather than everyone just running out like lunatics in MW3 (many people do).

    Conquest mode in BF3 is amazing, always feels fresh to play. I will admit that MW3 is probably more addicting even though it can get frustrating, but just because it’s more addictive I don’t think it’s better than BF3 in any way. For me, BF3 wins.

  2. Henry Says:

    I like bf3 alot better mw3 was fun for the first week or two but then it just seamed to get really boring IKD was expecting more from it but it’s really similar to mw2 which is good but not great now I only go to play it for campaign and the spec ops mode

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