MW3 or BF3 im thinking about MW3 ?


MW3 or BF3 im thinking about MW3 ?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3


Question by : MW3 or BF3 im thinking about MW3 ?
Im leaning towards mw3 jst want u guys opinion

Black ops all night
Ratio 0.85
I dnt suck i use to let my nephew play when he lived with me i was a huge zombie fan untill i learned how to play multi i didnt know anything about the KDR untill about 2 months ago i can bet i finish TOP 3 in anything FAMAS nd AK47 all day

Ps its my first COD game

SHADOWKING1017(all caps)


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Answer by Punkerjim
ha ha… 0.85

i’d have a better KDR using one hand and dual shotguns vs 8 snipers

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  1. Nick Lizzard Says:

    I didn’t know they were bring out a Battlefield 3 and MW3 board game!

  2. ? Says:

    MW3 cause if youve been playing BO all night and starting to play multi then id go with MW3 theirs going to be survival mode kindve like zombies but more realsitc. And if you dont like survial mode u can go back to BO zombies.

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