MW3 – RED PERKS: MW3 Perk Analysis: MW3 HUB #10


MW3 – RED PERKS: MW3 Perk Analysis: MW3 HUB #10

Tue, Nov 1, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

In this video I cover all the tier two perks which will be in MW3, giving some of my thoughts on each of them. Subscribe to the MW3 SHOW: -Krayes ——————– Facebook: Gaming Twitter: Personal Twitter: Audio: ——————– TAGS MW3 PERK MW3 PERK MW3 PERK MW3 PERK MODERN WARFARE 3 PERKS MODERN WARFARE 3 PERKS MODERN WARFARE 3 PERKS MODERN WARFARE 3 PERKS
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  1. brycefootballff Says:

    @nhl12geekk u mad bra

  2. BeeEmEcks Says:

    sitrep FTW

  3. Thunderblase Says:

    wheres the yellow perks?

  4. MisterEclipse96 Says:

    @SnipeManiac You’re a fanboy also. And that’s your opinion, someone may think bf3 is shit and mw3 is amazing.

  5. nhl12geekk Says:


  6. edgemanAu Says:

    good thing the flak jacket is in especially since scavenger resupplies explosives . . oh lawd prepare for spam

  7. mark9241 Says:

    preordered this game for 30 bucks at this AMAZING SITE!

  8. SnipeManiac Says:

    I spit on you all stupid fanboys. Buying the exact copy of MW2 just because everyone does sorry but that’s stupid….. I loved BO don’t get me wrong but I don’t see anything new in that shit… Open your eyes people…. BF3 that’s the way to go.

  9. thelewisroberts Says:

    Merking :’)

  10. mackattacksback Says:


  11. TheMackDylan Says:

    Fucking hate uav hack in ps3 mw2!!!

  12. FisnikG Says:

    can you talk a little slower maybe?

  13. mitchum500 Says:

    @brycefootballff not a good joke…

  14. essspada64 Says:

    @megamoop For real, no seriously it doesn’t? Awesome

  15. badturkali Says:

    @stuthejew1 advanced UAV is blackbird in black ops, but its not gonna be good if its invincible to assassin

  16. xTitanNG Says:

    you had blast shield in mw2 as equipment

  17. DamThatsLopez Says:

    @MachinesProductions do you want to no scope homo?

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