MW3 – Sneaky Beaver! (Funny MW3 Custom Game!)


MW3 – Sneaky Beaver! (Funny MW3 Custom Game!)

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

MW3 – Sneaky Beaver! (Funny MW3 Custom Game!) Like the video if you enjoyed. Thanks for watching! Facebook – Second Channel…


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  1. Tony Jones Says:

    1:10 NFS Carbon memories :) 

  2. Connor Pearson Says:


  3. William Fratt Says:

    Sneaky beaver in ghosts? (: 

  4. Martin Hirst Says:

    Can you imagine this on S&R? Tag rage xD

  5. Derek Aarnio Says:

    I think you can kill enemies with a silenced weapon

  6. Harold Fanning Says:

    sneky bever bicth

  7. Rolph Tine Says:

    Play “One In The Chamber” with RPG’s

  8. Rian Grady Says:

    That south park reference at the end tho :)

  9. Thomas Haisler Lindbjerg Says:

    Forever alone… :D

  10. Aiden ButtShank Says:

    Do this on black ops 2 with five-sevens

  11. Austin Wendt Says:

    more like arma 3

  12. Nova Skillzz Says:

    sp33dy, get all the people you can get and play trouble in terrorist town

  13. michael mchale Says:

    did he try to do an voice acidmonkey

  14. John Tryhard Says:

    Liking all his videos cause you have a large penis…

  15. sahil gill Says:

    u can kill but only by knifing and a using ur pistol

  16. LyWu Says:

    I like you photo :)

  17. Tim Patten Says:

    make this into a series

  18. PieDiPew Says:

    You should play a gametype called POOP

  19. AntonioC619 Says:

    Do more

  20. gimourfan1957 Says:

    Play a game called Call of duty. its when u play call of duty. like so
    sp33dy can see!! xD

  21. Brendan Buckingham Says:

    Need 4speed music

  22. MrNiiGHTCoRE Says:

    make that 130

  23. donald hens Says:

    Add me XxBlazeOnerxX on live

  24. trent lilinoop Says:

    137 now sir

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