Mw3 Survival | *Resistance* | Syndicate Gameplay/Commentary | Attempt 1


Mw3 Survival | *Resistance* | Syndicate Gameplay/Commentary | Attempt 1

Sat, Nov 26, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Please Click The Big SUBSCRIBE button to see Mw3 Videos Daily! *please read* I hope this deserves a like guys, doing each attempt in 1 video takes A LONG TIME to render and upload but you guys deserve it ! So enjoy this and the others to come! Follow me on Twitter!

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  1. TheZachariah123 Says:

    i would like to play with you

  2. COCOhead33 Says:

    did i just watch a 30:47min vid OMG i need to do something else.
    no offense great vid but wow did i just really do that!?

  3. 97Metube Says:

    @1998krish Thats good. I only came to wave 23.

  4. 1998krish Says:

    my 1st attempt i gt 27 solo resistance

  5. 97Metube Says:

    Three things:
    1. It is just a MP5 NOT a MP5K
    2. You should use the MP5 more at the lover levels, while the enemies are still dropping it. That way you save ammo and money.
    3. Your videoes are AWSOME

  6. BeardNBukowski Says:

    Can’t get enough Call of Duty Curb Stomping’s? Want MOAR?? Get your fix with BeardnBukowski!! Multiple High Caliber COD MW3 Gameplay vids weekly! Check out the channel by clicking my name! XD

  7. SANSOOMER1 Says:

  8. KarnageKID215 Says:

    Dude Syndicate, Terrorist Hunt along with RSV2 was beast.

  9. TheMarshallWang Says:

    I really really love and enjoy these long, 30 min survival gameplay vid types

  10. chubbzfrumbk Says:

    i drank all ma soda the first 5mins lmao

  11. Azeraniful Says:

    guys i put i video together of me saying goodbye to black and it’s original trust me ( not gameplay btw)…i’d really appricate it if you guys would check it out and leave a like rating, BTW im realllllyyy sorry if it bugs you when people do this but im not getting many views.

  12. xTerrior Says:

    @mrfelixjr95 its a video game

  13. TheGameClipz Says:

    Please can someone subscribe on my channel please.

  14. flashcod103 Says:

    please can anyone suscribe on my channel its free

  15. flashcod103 Says:

    pease can anyone suscribe on my channel its free

  16. alottagamezify Says:

    in underground i got up to wave 33 i kept on buying delta squad or riot squad and sentry guns :P

  17. iskuly Says:

    Ps3 add iskuly

  18. 123kleinmeisje123 Says:

    Thumps up if the weapons of BO were THE BEST, and also thumps up if syndicate is THE BEST player ever !!

  19. MrSimon2001 Says:

    Love theses vids…

  20. oioiitzadz Says:

    call of duty add funnyiest add ever just look at my chanle!!!!

  21. CodHDStudio Says:

    Hey guys please check out our channel CodHDStudio. We just released our first montage with some awesome kill cams / sniper streaks. It would mean alot to sub or like the video. thanks guys :)

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