MW3 Terminal How to get on Top of the Plane (TUTORIAL) Best Explained


MW3 Terminal How to get on Top of the Plane (TUTORIAL) Best Explained

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

MW3 Terminal How to get on Top of Plane TUTORIAL Explained really well, its good for infected and trickshots and stuff. Please like if i helped you.Subscribe…
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  1. TrevligtlirariHD Says:

    I´m on pc, so this vid was bs.

  2. Callum Mcculloch Says:

    Thanx after a while

  3. Zewar Omar Agha Says:

    Ur a MOFu Bitch And btw Ur a noob and suck

  4. NL gamers Says:

    is it patched? because when i press x on ps3 i fall.

  5. jeffrins Says:

    Thanks man helped alot!! :)

  6. Heath Morder Says:

    Mean 0:30

  7. Abbas Khurshid Says:

    Y u begging 4 likes

  8. miklepikle09 Says:

    TY SO MUCH!!!!! Have been trying to do this for years now and relished
    YouTube could help and this was the first that I saw interested

  9. Alberto Kingston Says:

    Finally Thankx :D !!!! 

  10. Mason Hubbard Says:

    That helped alot

  11. Blonde Kaii Says:

    Curse less..

  12. Tony Malbrough Says:


  13. shayan aquil Says:


  14. Ethan Heimler Says:

    Thanks soon much got it my first try

  15. YoFL0z Says:

    Dont call me motherfucker you motherfucker!

  16. ايمن الرشيدي Says:

    you are a Big Noop

  17. kevin Quickshot Says:

    what is that song called raspy ??? 

  18. Xacto Viper Says:

    Why guys hating. He did what it said in the title

  19. Kevin Hernandez Says:

    Thanks help a lot 

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