MW3 The Story of Colin (Modern Warfare 3)


MW3 The Story of Colin (Modern Warfare 3)

Wed, Dec 21, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

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  1. Morten2501 Says:

    Cool that You telling us that i: we are all worth the same :)

  2. bartlett1571 Says:

    Woody to be honest you dont really need to say that the video isnt about the game play cause they havent been for a while. Im honestly not trying to troll because i love your videos but its been quite sometime where you broke down one of your game plays.

  3. bartlett1571 Says:

    @riceballnyan Its better then hiding it and pretending it doesnt exist. I think anyone with a condition (myself included) would tell you its better and easier to talk about it then to hide it.

  4. 1Noobkiller Says:


  5. lXtravisionl Says:

    Is he a left people you know write with the left hand ??

  6. Xmaggot93X Says:

    Disorders are disorders, and that’s just that. I don’t really look at them as ways of labeling people. I have ADHD (a true diagnosis in the 4% of the population), a very off-centered brain (my cousin and sister have schizophrenia, so I might have it a tiny bit), and I’ll almost certainly develop Alzheimer’s disease in the future. That’s just life.

    My best friend since 5th grade (we’re in college now) has autism. He’s fucking awesome.

  7. MrConanBo Says:

    woody i have asbergers and im terrific i make excellent grades im on the wrestling team and im somewhat social

  8. kristianSES Says:

    Colin is a BAW$

  9. masterlegend10 Says:

    @JackFowlesJF it’s because some of the things he said were offensive to people

  10. akk4lifeyo Says:


    happy holidays! my gift to you: THE BEST under 1k commentator. you WONT be disappointed.

  11. riceballnyan Says:

    How do u think Colin feels u just talking bout him do u think he wants the world to c him u just want the world to c him

  12. 91128man Says:

    my autism is kind of the same sort of autism like Colin,believe me,he’ll be just okay,I’m not being so social,but Colin has something I was lacking as a kid:support of two parents (my parents divorced when I was 3)

  13. 91128man Says:

    I’m autistic too,hearing that when I was 12 hurt,but also opened my eyes on parts of my childhood,f I know see why I acted so dumb as a kid (I can remember since I was 3) and now I see what a retard I was,BUT my autism,and probably your son’s too,is also useful,cause I started to speak English when I was 3 (I’m from Belgium,so it’s kind of a big deal),and if your going to tell him he’s autistic,tell him Da Vinci and Einstein had it too ,they really had it,my mom told me too and I felt better

  14. 34randomname Says:

    If you want to join a decent clan on Xbox message me: Kwood70. We don’t have to strict requirements, but we have a lot of fun

  15. animetodamaximum Says:

    My former Girlfriend had Asbergers syndrome. But she was no different from anyone else she is a genius and the only reason I am not still with her is because she moved about 1500 miles away.

  16. PopTropicaInnovation Says:

    @youdaman450 His daughter is, relatively, “normal”.

  17. Jkills1000 Says:

    That’s very offensive that u would say “they are in their own world” because that is not the case at all. My sister has pretty severe autism and she has a bunch of speech and physical problems but she is still one of the most social people I know and it’s jot like they are like animals. They are still people woody they arent in a different world

  18. mbcolomb Says:

    Wow, just wow. Your patience with obstacles as wells as annoying gamers astounds and inspires. Thank you.

  19. Mrbslsthgrt Says:

    Inspirational. The best thing Colin could hope for is the kind of support you obviously give him.

  20. youdaman450 Says:

    Do 1 about ur daughter

  21. ecotec87 Says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us, you’re a wonderful, loving father Woody. I don’t have any experience with this and can’t fathom the hardships you and your family have dealt with, but I still respect you and your wife for being great parents and doing anything for your child. Nobody stops the Gamertag family, not even non tangible forces! Viva La Gamertags! Have a wonderful day Woody.

  22. yourbuddy4ever Says:

    Thanks for the vid woody!

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