MW3 Top 5 Plays of the Week #4


MW3 Top 5 Plays of the Week #4

Mon, Jan 9, 2012

Modern Warfare 3

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  1. mabsucksshit Says:


  2. Austinw646 Says:

    I lold in the middle of my computer class at 2:25 and everyone stared at me

  3. flowingwolfpack Says:

    @BanquRgb Whats wrong with battlefield…

  4. SirWinzAlot122089 Says:

    hey please check out my channel for my newest video an a short clip of a great headshot i got on bootleg! thanks

  5. Burnout226 Says:

    ummmm who else blinked when he said not to


    2:25 best line ever

  7. Bryce349 Says:

    Hey guys! I’ve recently gotten some amazing cross map tomahawks and throwing knives. Come check out my channel if you’re interested and if you want more, then you know what to do (SUBSCRIBE)!

  8. SlickGamerzInc Says:

    Hey Guys i am new to youtube and i uploaded some MW3 Videos and would love some Views, Like and subscribers. PLZ help me out i want to achieve a goal.


  9. MJnos23 Says:

    Same about to start doin mw3

  10. xJackOG Says:

    Trying to get noticed on youtube. If you could please help me out by just watching my videos that would be great. I know you guys probably hear this a lot but I would really appreaciate it.

  11. LegendChronicles Says:

    hey guys for all you people who JOIN THE MW3 SIDE OVER BATTLEFIELD 3 check out my channel and check out my newest vid. sub to join my new elite clan! just send me a nice little message and I will consider you :D

  12. jwinston1995 Says:

    im disappointed in MW3… i think im one of the few ppl who bought BOTH MW3 and BF3 copies, and i just cant get connected with cod. Spec Ops is certainly amazing, but battlefield gameplay trumps MW3… no bias

  13. CRBCadillacRockBox Says:

    Yeah, Take a look at this, you want your spawn back? No no no no no!
    Take a look at what our boy J does in HX Team Death Match, not just one, but two paybacks at the end of the clip

  14. mclmnopXD Says:

    @FroBro98 well i like them hahaha. THATS WHY IM IN TOP 5 PLAYS OF THE WEEK!!!

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