Wed, Dec 21, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Comments For This Post

  1. iDel099 Says:

    7 people

  2. TrickshotBeastZz Says:

    Subscribe To My Channel for a FaZe Clan Trial no joke

  3. TY13RXX Says:

    7 people 

  4. FreshBoxes Says:

    looking for Hardc0re Ricohet S&D players to join the clan with a K.D ratio at 1.50 or above. Message Stevieee Boy for invites, put CLAN before your message.

  5. birdyflako10 Says:

    7 people

  6. aceandyomama Says:

    is it just me or does he kinda sound like captain kirk?

  7. LGSslicer Says:

    Making free youtube intros Please inbox me with the details thanks!!


  8. UStvFan Says:

    I hav only played online once and the best I did was get 9 kills… I suck

  9. KDRBTom Says:

    9 people

  10. SweetyMate Says:

    fail at perry payout

  11. jgmcginty23 Says:

    i thought 8

  12. TheRandommDude Says:

    @jetx92 u did read it if u know what first sentence says :p

  13. EzzaHolman Says:

    i thought he would get 1 million people. I’m disapointed

  14. alib4123 Says:

    mw3 elite clan: BE REEM
    send a message if you want me to add you
    with your gammertag

  15. yellowibex Says:

    The 9 man javelin was only 7… if you don’t believe me look at the killstreak bar, thumbs up so people know it wasn’t 9

  16. jetx92 Says:

    @TheRandommDude I read the first sentence of your comment, and guess what? I didn’t read it.

  17. InsaneDy Says:

    this game arcade sick, too old way, just fo kiddie

  18. EmilioMtzx Says:

    5 people

  19. EmilioMtzx Says:

    @lolwuthaider u suck…

  20. olayzr1 Says:

    seven people

  21. TheRandommDude Says:

    No one is probably gonna read this…

    I’m just gonna write cuz I know ONE person will

    I like making MW3 videos and I would love nothing more but to get views, likes, subscribers and feedback!

    I know there’s hundreds of other people like me but Im different, I swear

    Give me a chance to show u what I mean

    If you like my video Plz like this comment so other people can see..  Just a simple button can help me get views. 

    Thank you so much for your time

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