MW3 TOP 5 PLAYS WEEK #5 by Whiteboy7thst (Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Countdown)


MW3 TOP 5 PLAYS WEEK #5 by Whiteboy7thst (Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Countdown)

Tue, Jan 3, 2012

Modern Warfare 3

Can we get 10000 LIKES on this EPIC episode? Last week’s episode! SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss any of the Top MW3 Plays! Send in YOUR Play here! Stalk my Twitter for mw3 updates! New T-Shirts! MW3 TOP 5 PLAYS WEEK #5 by Whiteboy7thst (Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Countdown) MW3 TOP 5 PLAYS of the WEEK #1 (Modern Warfare 3 Countdown) Tags “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3″ top (5) plays of the week whiteboy7thst cod modern wawrfare codmw3 multiplayer best kill kills ever countdown play top10 series favorite epic moments sniper quad multi kill kill streak


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  1. Bryce349 Says:

    Hey guys! I’ve recently gotten some amazing cross map tomahawks and throwing knives. Come check out my channel if you’re interested and if you want more, then you know what to do (SUBSCRIBE)!

  2. whiteboy38thave Says:

    @thebernie510 groundwar u big random

  3. TheBernie510 Says:

    what is number four playing i thought killed confirmed went to 65

  4. JASEM23Q Says:

    @TheMJcodProductions he plays ps3 m8

  5. mabsucksshit Says:


  6. 119topdog Says:

    add me ps3? chuch19 psn name

  7. theroope100 Says:

    Where is week 6 and 7 ?????

  8. TheMJcodProductions Says:

    Add me my gamertag is XAlienSkatey100

  9. Memmiboi Says:


  10. megaman4234 Says:

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  11. Spiffyycheese20 Says:

    where is number 6

  12. GeoTown123 Says:

    @wannabeFaZE1 hahaha you’re a dumb ass, it can be both. Guess you wouldn’t know that fanboy.

  13. GeoTown123 Says:

    @boggyman168 It can be both.

  14. Camatrix Says:

    Yo, Basically I love games like all of you, I need some support from you guys !
    It would be awesome if you could check out my channel, I just need a little bit of support and I know I can go far =D
    Peace have a gd 2012 all

  15. radoxreaktion Says:

    add hardplayers…..

  16. Tonyhitron7 Says:

    can you add me on ps3? Gold-_-lizzard that my psn name

  17. Guppst3r Says:

    Your great and your my favourite youtuber i would love to play with you on xbox 360 if you dont have one then get so one my GT is Guppst3r add me and hate all you want haters i love the xbox :)

  18. nerd25101 Says:

    @wannabeFaZE1 actually in black ops the spas 12 is semi auto

  19. wannabeFaZE1 Says:

    @boggyman168 spas-12 is pump action u noob! If u played CoD then u would know that

  20. boggyman168 Says:

    i thought spas-12 was semi auto……

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