MW3: Whiteboy the Drug dealer? (Modern Warfare 3 Free For All Fun)


MW3: Whiteboy the Drug dealer? (Modern Warfare 3 Free For All Fun)

Wed, Dec 21, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Trying to troll on free for all, just having a good time :) Friend me on facebook! Christmas T-Shirts! http Stalk meh on da twitterz
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  1. CodRageQuit Says:

    Gamers cheeck us out we do 2 moabs a week and we have the hd quality and the entertainment now all we need is your guys support.. Love you guys

  2. DualShock1080P Says:

    Whiteboy are you going to prestige anymore? Or are you going to stay at P1?

  3. 48jhj Says:

    FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!

  4. marioworldtour Says:

    yjfgjgukl;jj  nmkg

  5. paperdude14 Says:

    Whiteboy add me on ps3 please I wanna see if your that good versus me my psn is GearAssassin82

  6. TheFin938 Says:


  7. dBsNation Says:

    My clan need’s an editor, watching video’s like this inspires us everyday! We consistently play online to get feeds like this, but don’t really get much appreciation in how hard we try to become good like guys like this. We are not the best, all we ask is to be subbed and to find a decent editor! I am that desperate to get my clan popular I have asked to my parents to have a HD PVR as my only christmas present. Come on guys, please. Just click my channel :/ Thumbs up to get to Top Comments!

  8. lbrecyo Says:

    A stupid k

  9. furkyy10 Says:


  10. MortyFTW Says:

    @vlKenzo I like the sound it makes when I block people like you.

  11. TheAnisto Says:

    I know noone is probably going to read this,
    but i am a new commentator
    …okay lets cut the crap
    Check out my channel please

  12. PATATTAK51 Says:


  13. TheIncredibleButt Says:

    gotta love them rednecks.

  14. TheSOGzGamer Says:

    @vlKenzo i know that trick, dont like the comment it gets you to like it thinking its gonna make a noise and all it does is like the comment and not make any noise. anyway the comment dislike noise is much better

  15. flames121512 Says:

    @SofakingFreaky69 lol thats your opinion I know alot of people that like xbox (please don’t turn this into a flame war)

  16. Thendlessilence Says:


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