New! MW3 “VORTEX” Gameplay Face Off! – Modern Warfare 3 New DLC LIVE!


New! MW3 “VORTEX” Gameplay Face Off! – Modern Warfare 3 New DLC LIVE!

Wed, Jun 27, 2012

Modern Warfare 3

NEW – MW3 “VORTEX” Face Off gameplay – New MW3 DLC! :) Watch “ARCTIC RECON” Spec Ops gameplay: Watch “U-TURN” Face Off gameplay: Watch “INTERSECTION” Face Off gameplay Follow me on Twitter! Thanks for watching, Ali-A —- mw3 vortex gameplay mw3 vortex gameplay mw3 vortex gameplay


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  1. kyle9660 Says:

    Yo AliA add me ExTrEmExFuZiOnZ i think i could stand a chance against you in a game

  2. itsDased Says:

    Love your voice no homo plz

  3. MrTORREZ35 Says:

    anyone know when it comes out for ps3 elite premium??

  4. FreshKingCameron Says:

    hey kid …. keep in mind … video …. game

  5. onspeed8 Says:

    a split-screener killing U is not embarrasing i like to play at a friends house (although since the last xbox update i recover my account) and use a guest account, and i’m way better than him

  6. JUSTxCALMxDOWNxbro Says:

    lmfao 2:47

  7. Millieruler Says:

    i love you ali a you make very high quality videos!

  8. magirisu3696 Says:


  9. sharon st. james Says:

    that’s what you get for chillin’ with the chickens bro! this made me laugh

  10. b0nEsp100 Says:

    are all the face off maps free?

  11. MrCaspoR Says:

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  12. andy garcia Says:

    good video

  13. ultimo2000 Says:

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