Pixel Enemy Podcast – Call of Duty: Black Ops Campaign Review


Pixel Enemy Podcast – Call of Duty: Black Ops Campaign Review

Tue, May 10, 2011


Call of Duty: Black Ops Campaign Review Podcast – Pixel Enemy The Pixel Enemy crew sit down to talk all things Black Ops. Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon. Featuring thecaptnbarbosa: youtube.com PIXEL ENEMY PRESENTS Subscribe to Pixel Enemy: www.youtube.com Follow Pixel Enemy on Twitter: www.twitter.com Visit Pixel Enemy on the web: pixelenemy.com


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  1. FrankoSpanko1 Says:

    How about you guys stop trying to convert CoD players? People have their own opinions of what games they like and dislike, but it seems you guys can’t respect that.

  2. Zukaran Says:

    Well, Honestly i really thought the ending to black ops was very anticlimactic… and i think considering its been quite a while since release… i can give awa a part of the ending…. so you choke the guy…. and hes dead. thats great… but when you swim up, you just see planes flying by… and the fight is over “for now” and then credits…. I seriously thought they needed more filler then just a few pictures at the end of the credits… though it throws you into zombies right away….

  3. iTRiH4RD Says:

    Where the fuck is part 2?

  4. Daviaz12 Says:

    Fucking boring game

  5. weeschwee Says:

    i like the sound comparison between medal of honor and black ops, but honestly bad company 2 beats them both. i’d hate to leave bad company 2 out of the race just cuz it’s been out for a while.

  6. EdderCMG Says:

    @pixelenemy dont forget that he’s evil! =-p

  7. Raven0051 Says:

    the Black Ops story line was awesome but the gameplay got kinda boring, it wasnt as fast paced and intense as mw2′s and the insta spawn system just kept pissing me off top that off with a sorta over-the-top story and i still liked mw2 campaign better

  8. nubbytubbys Says:

    outside and a down just right of the enrtance of the bunker. Once you have killed them run from barrels right to left kicking the barrels off….this should help anyone struggeling

  9. nubbytubbys Says:

    Here is the best way to get down the hill ON VETERN where the there are infinite respawning NVA soliders. First take cover where all your team mates and and hide until woods runs down the kill, BUT down run down right after him. Instead use your M16 and auto assist to kill a few enemies in your direct area and make a sprint down to the next cover, then kill the enemies off to the right and run in that bunker, and get china lake. Use this to kill the enemies right (continued)

  10. close2silent Says:

    @kiba4650 try doing that shit on veteran… its almost impossible

  11. kiba4650 Says:

    I didn’t do the barrel thing and beat Khe Sahn. Am I the only one?

  12. pixelenemy Says:

    @MrJabess Thanks for the feedback and good idea. – markremo

  13. Tyflo1994 Says:

    great game but the ending with Reznov was a huge wtf moment for me dont get me wrong it was awsome but it didnt feel like COD to me

  14. xXBabyFaceAssassinX1 Says:

    i though pixel enemy couldn’t post Blk Ops crap, did youtube actually tell activision to quit bitching?

  15. MrJabess Says:

    @pixelenemy Great video guys. Going to assume you got the copyright issues sorted out? I have a minor complaint in regard to the vocal balance with you guys (Jay was alot quieter at times) I use a program called Levelator® to fix that – It works wonders.

  16. KissFromDaddy Says:

    I really enjoyed this.

  17. SuperVegeta1000100 Says:

    MEDAL OF HONOR had an amazing CAMPAIGN black ops to me was boring

  18. d0n7bl1nk Says:

    Love these. Can’t wait for part two!

  19. HelionX Says:

    That intro kind of won the video for me.

    BC2 > CoD

    Tanks > Double Rainbows

  20. ArmedVegan Says:

    Cool intro! Nice round table too, thanks for posting.

  21. ghost9390 Says:

    every game DICE has made wins againts infinityward/treyarch games

  22. fcoalvaradov Says:

    the weapons sound like chiclets against the wall

  23. blank10123 Says:

    I never used the napalm barrels ?!

  24. aaha963 Says:

    I have ADD =P

  25. ahmed4hunt Says:

    @pixelenemy oh, really? no wonder he looks like a faggot.

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