should a buy call of duty 6 or continue saving for an itouch?


should a buy call of duty 6 or continue saving for an itouch?

Wed, Apr 20, 2011


ppl are tellling me to get call of duty 6 because it would last for years


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  1. specter Says:

    COD 6, I’m getting it.

  2. The Enlightener Says:

    Buy the game.

    Like $60 is going to affect you buying an itouch. Do you have a job?

  3. David Says:

    it is up to u i was thinking of getting itouch to but i have a mp3 player and i don’t use it that much and i kind of can’t find it no more so just get the game it looks ok right now since its not evening out let.

  4. Luis Says:

    Like it has previously been stated ‘its up to you’ which is true but in your position I would definitely get an iTouch, it’s not just some game which you play at home while wasting your time, an iTouch is useful for a widerange of things, not only can you play games with it, you can listen to music, stay connected on msn, surf the net and most of all ITS FREAKIN TOUTCHSCREEN!!!!! the iTouch is way better than some game, believe me…although I also love cod! =D

  5. luc_soadsk8 Says:

    in think that u can buy the i touch later

  6. bennoskate13 Says:

    i personally would buy cod 6 and just wait a bit longer to get your itouch just because cod 6 is going to be the best game this year and it will be so worth getting before the itouch

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