Should I buy MW3 Or Skyrim?


Should I buy MW3 Or Skyrim?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Question by Max G: Should I buy MW3 Or Skyrim?
I can choose one only and I like MW3′s repetitive fast paced action, but I want something I wont become bored of like Skyrim.

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Answer by Brendan Noone
I would prefer MW3 but i’m not into any of those fantasy type games, so I guess it depends on what you want to play. I would check sale prices. If one is cheaper than the other, go for that one

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  1. Drew Curro Says:

    MW3 all the way it is the game of the year i would get MW3 over any thing except fo a 50 inch flat screen TV
    by the way MW is 70 dollars
    MW3 is a must have because its got online gaming plus the campaign skyim isnt to great

  2. Drew Says:

    MW3, Skyrim is an Rpg, and i hate thoes.
    MW3 is filled with exciting and heart racing scence, it’s a must buy

  3. Aaron D Says:

    Do you prefer Shooters with tons of online modes or do you want an epic story that you can play multiple times and get something different out of every play through?

    I think Skyrim is must have.

  4. Killer Croc Says:

    Do not get MW3! I swear, it will be the biggest waste of money that you’ll ever have. Skyrim is the way to go. Plus it’ll last longer than that overrated, terrible shooter.

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