should i buy mw3????????????????


should i buy mw3????????????????

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3


Question by PS3 eater: should i buy mw3????????????????
i could get mw3 which i dont mind or wait a month to get batman archam city. dont ask why.

im getting a bit sick of cod tbh but is it worth buying?

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Answer by Sean

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  1. IndianPPLRule Says:

    the campaign is a 10/10, but multiplayer is eh, bout a 8.8/10 gameplay is the same as mw2 but with some tweeks here and there

  2. Shredder7 Says:

    If you want repetitive gameplay combined with simplistic mechanics, go for it.

  3. Dylan M Says:

    MW3 is great in my opinion, there are lots of people playing it, you will not get bored with it anytime soon. The maps are great. We have new gun choices. If you liked MW2 You’ll love MW3 it picks up right where MW2 left off.

  4. Matt Says:

    Well it really depends because it is pretty much like a map pack for MW2 but it does have survival mode. So if you liked zombies get it if you didnt make your own choice

  5. Rubin Says:

    Mw3 is a lot like mw2, I don’t really enjoy it but a lot of my friends do. So maybe you should play it at a friends house first to see if you still like it. If you don’t like it I would suggest Skyrim, it’s really fun!

  6. Gary Says:

    Yes U Should

  7. Shane Says:


  8. Zak Says:

    the games are from to different genres so yes if you get bored with one just switch to the other. if you liked modern warfare 1 and 2 you’ll love mw3 the maps are great and the weapons are exciting with the ranking system

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