Should I buy my son Call of Duty: Black Ops for Christmas?


Should I buy my son Call of Duty: Black Ops for Christmas?

Fri, Dec 17, 2010


I have an 11 year old son and he says he wants Call of Duty: Black Ops for Christmas. I’m a video game buff so I know what this game is and I know a lot about it. I also know that a lot of people who play it tend to get frustrated and some even scream at the game. But at the same time he seems to really want this game.

I’m puzzled and I don’t know what to do. Could some of you chime in with your opinions? Thanks!

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  1. Sari Lynn Says:

    My hubby has this game, and our boys play it. As long as you don’t let him online with it I don’t see a problem :)

  2. Slick Wit It Says:

    the games awesome, and your son will love it, he will prlly get pretty angry at times as does everybody but thats life right?

  3. My 4 Boys Says:

    Rated M for mature. Um, no.

  4. leelynn Says:

    it depends what yur comfortable with letting yur 11 year old see and hear. the game is violent and there is a zombie sub game ( where yu can kill Nazi zombies and Vietnamese soldier zombies) that is a part of it and the characters swear and use black humor. If yur ok with all that then i dont see why yu shouldnt get it. he will probably be frustrated with it at first but he will eventually get the hang of the gameplay. I love all the COD games and was always frustrated to start but got better the more i played.

  5. Summer Nicole Says:

    Buy it for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)(:

  6. K R Says:

    there are a few answers to ur ? if you limit the time he can play it he will not get frustrated as much as others do. and there is a no side of this because he could play this game and never stop. and with the rating that’s not to good for a young child to be playing. but if he shows you that he is mature enough and limit his playing time why not buy it.

  7. Iragamer Says:

    It would definitely be a good present to get him.but remind him that he has to behave himself when he is strong and assertive with him.but for the love of god don’t shout at’s the equal to puring gasoline into a forest fire.Good luck :-)

  8. Getthefacts Says:

    Much too young for this! What are you thinking? It’s designed for adults. Just because other parents let their 11 yo kids see R rated movies doesn’t mean you have to adopt their lack of values – get it?


    Umm I would say no because it really changes the way people act and even there view towards life. Its a very violent game and your son is waaaaay to young to play that kind of violent games! Then people wonder why others go nuts on a killing spree ( they think they’re still in the game) you dont want a lunatic do you? truth hurts but its the truth.

  10. Thomas Carrillo Says:

    I am a teenager, 14 years old. I play it 1 hour a day probably. Its really fun. Definetely get frustrated from time to time. But just tell your son if you hear him swear or be to influenced about the game youll take it away from him so…yeah… I try to control myself cause it just a game :)

    Sorry if I had spelling mistakes or something, Im peruvian, Good luck…

  11. Adam V Says:

    Im 12 and I have that game and i play it like 4 hours a day. And people are gona get angry when they play online thats just the game. But anyway i dont think its a problem yes it is gory and has a lot of language like f**k and B**CH but i know some kids that are 6 and play i would get it for him

    p.s.if you still dont want to get it for him there is a setting were you can turn off the gore and most of the language

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