Should I get Battlefield3 or MW3?


Should I get Battlefield3 or MW3?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Question by : Should I get Battlefield3 or MW3?
Do u think i should I get Battlefield3 or MW3? And why?

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Answer by Will

Battlefield 3 – Major graphic improvement, better story, better multiplayer, can use vehicles and planes.

Mw3 – no major graphic improvement, the only good thing about it is singleplayer, multiplayer is the same as MW2 with more attachments and shit.

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  1. Hafriz Althoir Says:

    In terms of single player, MW3 is better, the story is convoluted but it at least makes an effort to be exciting. BF3′s campaign is pretty (on PC it’s sex to the eyes)…but not very exciting.

    Multiplayer however, BF3 wins by a landslide. If you are one of those killstreak obsessed kids who won’t care about teamwork than go for MW3′s samey offering. BF3 emphasizes in teamwork as you really have to work with your teammates to win matches. going Rambo won’t gain you much. And the maps are huge, allowing for more tactical play instead of playing one of those strictly confining MW3 maps.

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