Should I get Blackops now or wait for MW3 to come out?


Should I get Blackops now or wait for MW3 to come out?

Fri, Oct 28, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Question by Aaron: Should I get Blackops now or wait for MW3 to come out?
Also, how many people play Blackops multiplayer now, and how many will play after MW3 comes out? Thanks!

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Answer by Carley
well honestly i love blackops and although it sounds stupid have not really liked MW i was more into WAW instead its entirely up to you but id give it a go

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  1. Silver Jack0 Says:

    I think you should wait it’s coming very soon (A bit over a month) and not many people will play black ops after mw3 comes out (maybe around 20-30k?) and right now there’s about 500k people playing (at least on the ps3)

  2. Harry Zeez Says:

    You should wait .. For mw3

  3. Captain Stupendous Says:

    You should wait. Black Ops is NOT worth getting now. The hit detection is bad and lag is even worse. If you’re getting it anyway, you should wait a few months after MW3 comes out so that the price drops

  4. Peter Says:

    Well, I’ve seen firsthand how bad the multiplayer servers are in Black Ops. It seems like I can’t play 3 rounds without that f$ #%#@ “error” message to pop up. Plus, if the past has been any indication, MW3 will be MW2 but with a new “story” that nobody really cares about and probably zombie mode.
    CoD Black Ops is a good game, but aside from the zombie mode, it seems like it’s been the same game since CoD 4, in my opinion. But, MW3 is coming out in about 5 or 6 weeks.

    Personally, I prefer the game Crysis 2 because it has some pretty cool ideas (built in invisibility, bulletproof armor, heat vision, etc.), but I could see why you would want to go with CoD, because it seems like the only other modern shooter with split screen. (Other than Halo)

    Hope I helped you decide!

  5. Nathan Says:

    well my bro owns a copy of black ops and well its kind of a let down I would wait for MW3 its going to be more promising

  6. Loser. Says:

    Get MW2 until MW3 comes out, as the MW2 should only be like $ 20 or so and Blackops is probably in the $ 30-$ 50 range. MW2 is a much better game, especially if you’re just waiting for the third game to come out.

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