Should i get mw3 or gow3?


Should i get mw3 or gow3?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3


Question by : Should i get mw3 or gow3?
Ok, i have two really good friends, one wants me to play gow3, and one wants me to play mw3 with him -___- i need REALLY good understandable explanation and opinions on each of those games, and IDGAF whether mw3 is just a copy of mw2, i already tried the game, its pretty fun, ok.
Lol, @subzero, it really is a tough choice :( and they’re both my best friends which is even harder..

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  1. Un guerrier tombé Says:

    Mw3 is about shooting one another
    Gow3 is more of a fighting game

  2. Michael Says:

    I don’t have xbox or gears of war
    Both have multiplayer but mw3 is definitely betters only as that is what it focuses on
    It has specs ops and survival and campaign
    Gears has online campaign and horde mode if not more
    I’d go with mw3 as that’s what I have but I don’t have a strong enough opinion of gears
    Seems fun but can get boring after a while
    I know my it’s cod it’s not amazing
    Don’t want to sound like a cod cannot or anything

    Also check out battlefield


    i saw mw3

    1. cause its newer
    2. cause after the story mode/campaign you wont get bored (multiplayer :D)

  4. ninjaassasin Says:

    Well Modern Warfare 3 might be the better option because Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward are good on DLC so the maps are usually sick. They have better game modes in MW3 and gow3 i cant stand and you’d get bored in my opinion easier with gow3 but if you like MW3 go for it

  5. Aaron Says:

    mw3 or bf3

  6. SUB ZERO Says:

    Really, really tough choice. Both are extremely opposite games. I’d pick the game with whichever friend you like more lol. Personally, I love gears of war and all of epic’s games since unreal tournament.

    MW3 is more fast paced, has more mutators, and is first person.
    GoW3 has a lot more customization and playable characters, a tactical gameplay approach (cover system), and a large selection of unique guns.

    For mw3, you have to have to set up a good custom class and select the right perks in order to be good.
    For GoW3, supporting team mates and taking areas that spawn powerful weapons make you good.

    Observation of population:
    MW3 you’re going to be playing with a lot of 12 year old Aussies.
    GoW3 you’ll get more people around 18-29

  7. Chris Says:

    two very different games…MW3 is a typical shooter game with a great storyline, lots of fun extra modes such as special ops and survival. but there are alot of hacker/modders, wich ruin the game experience. Gears of War is a very tactical game with a great storyline as well. It is a game in wich you must rely on cover to be able to win. it is quite fun but very hard.

  8. Elijah Says:

    Have you got Xbox live/ playstation network? if your XBOX/PS3/PC is connecting to the internet i strongly suggest MW3. gears of war if fun to but the fun doesent last long.

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