Should i pre order mw3 at gamestop or bestbuy?


Should i pre order mw3 at gamestop or bestbuy?

Wed, Nov 2, 2011

Modern Warfare 3


Question by RainOfBullets: Should i pre order mw3 at gamestop or bestbuy?
cause i got the power up rewards card for gamestop and i got a 25$ gift card for bestbuy, and some times gamestop or bestbuy giveaway promotional items, will they be doing that for mw3?
is there a website that tells you what gamestop and bestbuy is giving away when you pre order mw3?

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Answer by Tim Kahlenberg
i would go for best buy unless your saving up for some thing that gamestop doesn’t have and best buy

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  1. red257 Says:

    Best Buy is gonna be doing giving away freebies for sure but I don’t know about game stop. I go through BB all the time so I’m gonna have to say get it there.

  2. Gtahunts Says:

    game stop is giving away a free MW3 poster for preorders of MW3

  3. Mathew Says:

    It depends, Best buy is a nice company for electronics etc…

    But Game Stop Specializes in selling games.

  4. iceystar Says:

    the cheaper one. DUH.,..

  5. Donnie Porko Says:

    if you want to know what they’re giving away, best thing to do is just go the sites themselves ( or and do a search for the game.

    doesn’t matter where you pre-order since you’re not getting anything. gamestop gave away a poster of the cover a while back when mw3 was announced, but it was in very limited supplies.

    if you know you’re going to pre-order and buy 5 of these games, then i would pre-order from best buy because you get 100 dollars in reward certificates if you join the gamer’s club, which is free.

    skyward sword
    fifa 12
    forza motorsport 4
    battlefield 3
    just dance 3
    saint’s row the third
    assassin’s creed revelations
    arkham city
    uncharted 3

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