WatchThis!Gaming :: Call of Duty 4 Top 5 Plays :: Episode 6


WatchThis!Gaming :: Call of Duty 4 Top 5 Plays :: Episode 6

Wed, Apr 27, 2011

Call of Duty 4

Another good week We are probably going to focus more on MW2 when it comes out. But still our main goal will be to focus on all the plays. Also don’t forget to send in your “FAILS” to – Notice the fails don’t have to be CoD4. It could be any game. Send in your CoD4 clips to – – WTG Crew


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  1. BigStarTay1 Says:

    how many times did i tell u 2 stop been an ass lol

  2. kylewen57 Says:

    Are some of you retarded he sounds like a redneck lol ugh no zypherrz stop being a hater

  3. XxshotteyxX Says:

    1;20 couldnt tell it was a cam :

  4. TheTributetolife Says:

    a girl flashed him? lucky

  5. GiorgosWarrior Says:

    omg the same high rated comments:Pannoying as hellll

  6. kingofcod69 Says:

    ”Coming In At Number 2 We Have ”Angelina Ballarina” LOL xD.

  7. FLiTESTEEZ Says:

    could you guys please help me out? i would love to get to fifty subs by feb. 1st thats only 11 more subs i would greatly appreciate it

  8. XTreMeF3sT Says:

    best game ever

  9. XTreMeF3sT Says:

    best game ever

  10. Joffa1994 Says:

    He sounds like a hillbilly or something

  11. ZypherrZ Says:

    Stop trying to be funny faggot

  12. Tinkertrain1 Says:

    A triple spray with the knife xD?

  13. AKJesus907 Says:

    @Starpigs92 your mom is overpowered

  14. Yipster118118 Says:

    ** Legit lobbys from there.. mw2 and black ops check it out!

  15. xxtankbx Says:

    @Starpigs92 thank you captain obvious……

  16. Provok3d Says:

    Angelina Jolie, aaaaaah i mean axeljolink ahahahahahahaha LMAO !!!

  17. hothousefungus Says:

    Ak47u sucks utter bolloks

  18. Starpigs92 Says:

    AK-74u is overpowered.

  19. nathan2765 Says:

    @mauricecn well done it’s cod 4 not mw2

  20. NeedAC130killz Says:


  21. lilisaac1234 Says:

    who where u talking to???

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