What are some other good games that i can buy instead of mw3?


What are some other good games that i can buy instead of mw3?

Thu, Nov 17, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Question by NotMe: What are some other good games that i can buy instead of mw3?
All my friends have mw3 but i dont want to buy it just for that reason, and some of my friends say mw3 is very good, so what are some other good games that i should pick up?

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Answer by Graham
Check out Mercenaries 2
DO NOT get one, it is horrible compared to the first.
It seems boring at first, but once you get out of tutorial, it’s a blaxt!

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  1. Crisis Says:

    Batman Arkham City.

    Sonic Generations

    Rayman Origins

    Final Fantasy XIII

  2. ortraf Says:

    Battlefield 3
    Batman Arkham City
    Gears of War 3
    Metal Gear Solid HD collection
    …just to name a few recent ones

    you can also get AC: Revelations when it comes out in a month

  3. grizzy Says:

    i have both… to be honest i love call of duty games and i support it all the way. BUT being skeptical and curious of bf3 before it came out, i realized i havent even seen what it had to offer. so i bought it and i lovedddddd it, i was hooked on it every single day for a week and i even started bashing on how much mw3 was gonna suck… but then bf3 started getting a little repetitive so it kinda bored me, plus my internet connection is horrible on ps3 so the lag was out of hand for me which is why i bought mw3… my first thoughts were “wowwww i just been scammed for 60$ ” since it looked, felt, and played exactly like mw2, only thing they changed was weapons, maps, campaign, and survival mode (which wasnt even that awesome) so i was played multilplayer a bit angrily, but after a while when i started getting into it and unlocking new weapons, perks, and killstreaks i realized how fun it used to be… the big issue is the hit detection which sucks on mw3 but is flawless on bf3… bf3 graphics, multiplayer, and campaign is very intense because its new and mw3 is kinda like you know what to expect… if i only had to choose one it would be bf3 just because its fun, amazing, you can destruct almost everything, and you can use vehicles on the large maps, and overall its wayyyyyy better than mw3. i think a lot of people would agree with me, but it depends on how you like to play… i like realistic, exciting, smooth gameplay and bf3 offered that to me more than mw3 did so i choose bf3. and a lot of people say if you like teamplay go with bf3 and if your a lone wolf go with mw3 but thats not true, those comments are for unexperienced players. i play bf3 as a lone wolf and i enjoy it but if i wanna play with my team and help them out i can do that too, in mw3 it is solely lone wolf style though cuz the maps are much smaller and theres people everywhere you turn

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