What are the best guns and attachments to use in call of duty 5?


What are the best guns and attachments to use in call of duty 5?

Fri, Oct 1, 2010


Im getting tired of the same old perks that i use every time. Just want your favorite guns and perks for call of duty 5

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  1. no screen name here Says:

    i use

    MP 40 with the added sight (forgot wat its called)

    for perks

    i got bouncing betty, stopping power, and the one that martyrdomproved aim (was martyrdom)

    its worked well for me

  2. Sterlin Says:

    Lol my favorite class to use isn’t necesarelly a good one but it DEFINENTLY gets enemies MAD as heck! Here’s the layout lol! BTW I called this class Dark Noob
    weapon: mp40
    atachment: dual magazines or wat ever
    pistol: Magnum
    perk 1: bouncing betty
    perk 2: JUGGERNAUT LOL!!!
    perk 3: SECOND CHANCE LOL!!!!
    tank perk: the one that gives a turret as well

    lol srsly this one gets many players mad at me which makes the game more fun for me and makes them waste like 80% more bullets then they would have otherwise if i were to use the usual stopping power + martydom routine. Srsly try this one out it’s hillarious and people will be like ” wow… ” and it’s actually better then i thought it would be it’s fun to be shot from behind a bit and turn around and kill the enemy before he can get u in last stand lol and survive most snipe shots, srsly this one works way better then i thought it would and mp40 is an overpowered weapon with or without stopping power so definently try this out if u trully hate it then by all means change it to something more reasonable to u such as
    weapon: ppsh
    attachment: sight
    perk 1: betties or the one that lets u see explosives, i forgot the name so ya
    perk 2: stopping power
    perk 3: martydom / last stand ( whether ure on hard core or not )

  3. cockfieldcasey Says:

    you might want to ask that question here

    them guys are all the time talking about setups ect. lol

  4. nick61295 Says:

    The best gun is the trench gun, it is a great weapon to use while hiding out, you wait for the people to pass by and then u shoot them, instint kill, put the bayonet on the trench gun to add easy protection from the dogs. All of the perks that u get when u get far upgraded are good

  5. cody Says:

    Dont listen to these noobs. Don’t use martydom its a wasit of a perk and really noobish. Dont use second chance either, it actually decreases your health a little bit.
    STG 44 apperture site
    Bomb Squad or more amo
    Stopping Power
    Deep Impact (search/ dead silence)
    screw tanks :D

    Also, use Mp40 extra clip
    bomb squad
    juggg or stopping power
    steady aim

    Type 99 with stopping power and deep impact is goood too

  6. YES...I KNOW MY ENEMY Says:

    PPSH with aperture sight stopping power martyrdom and bomb squad because lots of ppl use bouncing betties. my kill ratio is 2.11 with that set-up!

  7. peckstar11 Says:

    the best gun for rifles in stg44 with a silencer for submachine guns mp40 or ppsh or type100 with a round drum for machine guns the type99 with bayonet for boltaction rifles i think its mosign with a scope and for shotguns double barreld shotgun with sawed off

  8. Adam Says:

    Well if you tend to use the sniper quite often and enjoy it use:
    Mossin Nagant with bayonet
    perks: Bomb Squad
    Extreme conditioning

    I use this class for running around stabbing people with the bayonet great fun casue people tend not to know where you are

    If you usually use sub machine guns like MP40 and stuff use:
    MG42 with mounted thingy
    Perk: Bazooka
    Stopping power
    Second chance

    The bazooka is extremely fun for headquarters you can guess why…

    And my favourite class of all is the Mortar! Heres what you need
    M1 Garand with rifle gernade
    perks: Nothing casue you have rifle gernade
    sonic boom or something that makes explosives more deadly
    and whatever third perk you want

    The mortar you fire straight up in the air and watch it land if you hit someone it’s a great feeling trust me- the maps it works best on are Dome,Courtyard and well any map with a lot of open space with not many buildings.

  9. Stooge (Liverpool FC) Says:

    Thompson (round drum) with bandoiler, stopping power and steady aim.

    mp40 (dual magazines) with bandoiler, juggernaut and steady aim.

    ppsh (round drum) with bandoiler, stopping power and steady aim.

    springfield with bouncing betty’s, stopping power and deep impact.

    ptrs with bouncing betty’s, camouflage and deep impact.

    put anything u like for the vehicle perk i mainly use the cool down turret for faster reloads.

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