what do you expect in modern warfare 3?


what do you expect in modern warfare 3?

Fri, Jul 29, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

what do you expect in modern warfare 2.modern warfare 2 is the best game out this year and its gonna be hard to beat 2 but 3 i think will be awesome.the big thing i want is makarov to die.

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  1. slamWOW el luchador! Says:

    space combat

  2. brianjoejr Says:

    blood,people blown up,good grafics

  3. TheLegendOfBuzzy Says:

    I doubt there is gonna be modern warfare 3

  4. thakilla Says:

    Modern Warfare 3 is confirmed!

    I hope to see the m16 and famas taken out, the campaign to be bigger, more easter eggs, zombie terrorists, even better graphics, soap to survive, and a crazy all out war mission

  5. Caleb Says:

    have Navy SEALs. that would be awesome. they already did USMC and Army Ranger. now have Navy SEALs.

    another cool idea would just be more awesome missions. there are only a few missions that are AWESOME the rest are just normal. have every single mission feel different. like have one were u are on a carrier. and the enemy attacks it. so your fighting in REALLY tight spaces. since a carrier ship isn’t that open.

    have it more realistic. everybody is like “Modern Warfare 2 feels like real war” i haven’t been to war, but im pretty sure its nothing like the game. there are also tons of weapons they could put in the game. and have it so u can change what your guy looks like maybe. different clothes, color (of clothes) color (of skin), hair style, facial hair, etc. have it so u can maybe dodge/block melee attacks? that could be cool. maybe have new controls. like getting into cover, diving (to get into cover if someones shooting at u, get away from grenades, etc),

    and have it so that your guy doesn’t move when hes standing still. and get rid of the name above your head. i hate that. cause sometimes i will be playing split screen or LIVE and the only reason the person sees me is cause my guy is turning his head around and moving his arms (fake signaling) and cause a big red name is above my head.

    mabey have a perk for that. that keeps your guy still.

  6. Brett C Says:

    i expect more killstreaks, more attachments, and just more of everything, other then that theres not much more to ask for lol i dont worry about following the campagin the multiplayer is more fun :D

  7. Andy Says:

    Best things you’ll see in MW3 are:
    Automatic Grenade Launchers
    Specialized spots to hide in
    Amazing running speed
    Shotguns dating back to the 1600′s
    And bullets that hit thin air, but somehow kill you when you’re 10 feet away.

    But for real, MW3 should have:
    More Weapons and customizations (duh)
    Much better graphics
    Dedicated servers
    Balanced game play
    Awesome kill streaks
    Awesome story
    And a guy named Soap.

  8. Logan B Says:

    Thank god i saw someone put in DEDICATED SERVERS!! The whole IW Net is terrible.. But I want what most of the other people have put on here, but I mean come on, Comp needs DS!

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