What do you think was better Modern warfare 2 or black ops?


What do you think was better Modern warfare 2 or black ops?

Fri, Apr 15, 2011


Note:The reason I say was for modern warfare 2 is because of all the hacks…
Whenever I play a black ops game, almost everybody camps, they say it is the most balanced game but we have guns like the G11 and the 74U.
Despite everything everyone is saying I still think MW2 is a better game


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  1. A person who doesn't murder Says:

    Neither is better, it is a matter of opinion, some people may PREFER one over the other, but there isn’t a clear winner. Anyway, why don’t you actually stop playing COD, I did and my life is much better now because I don’t kill anybody anymore!
    Sincerely, not a murderer.

  2. Ryan Sheffield Says:

    Black Ops

  3. Jared M Says:

    Well I havent played black ops yet so I have to go with MW2

  4. Sara Says:

    MW2. However I only play black ops now. I just like the maps better mostly on MW2. I don’t like the killstreaks on blackops. They made the chopper gunner way too powerful on black ops in my opinion. It’s stupid being killed inside from the chopper gunner. But w/e. When I first bought BO I hated it, I don’t mind it now, really loving a couple of the new maps they came out with though.

  5. Jordan Cohen Says:

    in my opinion black ops is waaay better. There may be campers(there’s campers in every game though) but there isn’t oma so no infinite noob tubes, there’s way less hacking, campers are easier to beat(maps have more flanks, no infinite noob tubes, no nooby killstreaks, no nooby secondaries, no nooby attachments(heartbeat sensor)) also the guns actually have recoil! that is one of mw2 main problems no recoil at all on like any gun. Ya i know it’s just a video game but can’t they make just a little bit of recoil? also perks are more balanced, killstreaks don’t lead to other kill streaks, and no death streaks. I could rant about mw2 all day(but i know i shouldn’t sorry if i am too much already) but anyway My opinion: black ops is the true sequel of cod 4 which is still the best cod in my opinion.

  6. Colourful Says:

    MW2 is way better then black ops gets boring very quickly but the zombie is fun thats the only reason i got it TBH

    74u got nerfted anyways

    Theres going to be a patch for MW2 its going to fix alot of hacks. am not joking btw

  7. Chris Laumen Says:

    black ops, more people are on black ops now! tho the quick scoping in mw2 is highly missed

  8. Tommy 3 Says:

    Mw2 is more addictive yet flustering. It’s crispe speed & balanced except for scavenging explosives (which can b cool too) & AAauto Shotgun (if u can’t aim, learn). BUT it’s a great game to counter the CUB SCOUTS!
    I have a Mar-Lt-Ninja Tar(gren) class to snuff ‘m out; & I use sensitivity9 to keep peeled. If they’re bad enough, I whip out Riot Class (otherwiseAK+toob) C4 RPG scav-Danger-Ninja & steal their spot lol. (If the dog bites, dig deeper don’t pull out.)
    I also use that1 4 MLC-ers. Show them how living by the knife=(dying+dying)/knife. :)

    DO PRESTIGE! I now know that allows2get 10 custom’s not 5. (I thot 10was on PC).

    PS.. Willy Pete???
    (ithink I just WILLY PETED whew!)

    B.O s4 gadgets if they matter enough.
    U jus buyin map/Zombies/&Psn split-scrn.

    Ima PS3; only way to AVOID cheatr=360.

    CONCLUsn: Mw2=more !-4-$ (&balance).
    (B.O=laggy movmt/ bore quiker.)

  9. Angelo Says:

    MW2? Black Ops? Those are trash son. The only call of duty game worth praising is COD 4. Nothing is better than the classic. Less camping, no fuçking COMMANDO(longer lunge), quickscoping(LOVE IT), respectable maps(nuketown? shitstorm of nonsense) and it actually takes skill. Go play the classic.

  10. Tyler Says:

    black ops and people dont camp in black ops cause i rush them kill them then they dont camp cause they quit
    MW2 everybody camps and u can do nothing about it
    black ops FTW

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