What do you want to see in Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2?


What do you want to see in Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2?

Wed, Mar 31, 2010


I wanna see vehicles but not tanks. Something like a humvee if the maps are big enough. I also want to see the return of older guns that were in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare along with some new guns and attachments. I also want to be able to customize what your player wears such as their clothing, faces and builds.

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  1. Zachi2 Says:

    all the fails that make it on youtube. I LOVE THOSE

  2. mathew4269 Says:

    doesn’t matter we want. its not like our opinions will add stuff to it

  3. Ragol Ranger Says:

    I only borrowed Call of Duty 4 from my friend for about a month so I never really got into it, but I’d like to see character customization like in Halo 3. I also want to see a new mini level like mile high club, and nazi zombies.

  4. Andy360 Says:

    I want a note at the end of the credits that tells us that it will be the last game in the series.
    Its so overrated and hyped.

  5. Naruto Uzimaki Says:

    I want to see guns and blood and gore and vehicles and power sources to the good team and the bad team and the first power source that is destroyed makes the power source’s team lose

  6. PrincePG Says:

    I want to see more Guns, ones with improved looks from COD4, some of the most popular ones from COD4 and a bunch of new guns. I want to see more skins for those guns. I want there to be pistol challenges. I want there to be more maps playable before releasing a bunch of map packs you have to pay for with something different in each one. Ex. Big maps have some vehicles (no tanks) and small maps don`t. The middle-sized maps should or should not have vehicles depending on it`s size. I want better spawning where you spawn in more normal places rather than stupid places where you spawn infront of the guy on the other team and die right away or behind him and you get an easy un-deserving kill. I think they should have armour outfits that work sort of like perks, but they should keep the perks they have now and add some more.

  7. Yay_i_like_cod4_XD Says:

    Check out cod4central they have everything on mw2

  8. Vault Boy. Says:

    I don’t want to see Juggernaut

  9. Kyle Says:

    well i assume your are talking about the online play and from what i have heard there will be new and better guns and also i have heard that you will be able to customize your guy like you hope would be a new change but i doubt there will be vehicles. And the things i would like to see are the things you said but i hope some better perks such. And i would like it if you got the perk for a secondary weapon your secondary weapon could have a accessory. And i would like having more than one accessory on my weapon. So that’s some of the things i hope to see on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

  10. ihavealltheanswers Says:

    i want to see juggernaut DIE as a perk. give us something better. juggernaut is easily counteracted by stopping power. how bout temporary invincibility for 30 seconds but you die when you use it or something. i hated modern warfare (only had it for like a week) but love world at war (almost on my 3rd prestige). if they can combine the two, then that would be a game worth having.

  11. boc Says:

    more climbable objects and bigger maps

  12. David Says:

    i want to see AMERICA kick some ass in the story mode!!!!! and some new perks for online. and silencers on the snipers

  13. Krin Says:

    I’d like to see stopping power and juggernaut either removed or toned down to about half of what they do now, so they feel less “mandatory” in Core. I do not want to see vehicles, or at the least I think they should be a separate game mode. COD has always been and should remain all about infantry warfare. Also, the M16 needs to either be retired or toned down a bit.

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