what exactly is the deal with MW3 video game?


what exactly is the deal with MW3 video game?

Fri, Oct 14, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Question by NinjetteFtw: what exactly is the deal with MW3 video game?
ive herd all kind-of rumors and assumptions about the new Modern Warfare 3 coming out. stuff like how there taking tubes, commando, last stand and all that out, and adding new stuff in, there’s a new MW3 headset coming out and how it comes WITH the game, ive already put down $ 47 for it at game stop and im so excited! but i want to get the fact straight before i regret buying it and end up not liking it. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Matthew
Well mw3 is basically the same game concept as mw2, but im sure this time infinity ward will take care of this game, fixing glitches or bugs with the game needing patched, its worth the money you will have a blast. And as far as noobtubes and commando, dont let that get in with you having fun.

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  1. Haritha Says:

    Fro what I’ve heard and the demos I’ve watched, i think it sounds like an awesome game!
    Here’s some info i got from a website.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    As Eric Hirshberg stated in his introduction to Call of Duty: XP’s keynote presentation, Call of Duty’s annual installments have become a gaming phenomenon as few franchises are able to release yearly versions of a game and become progressively successful on a consistent basis. Call of Duty’s presence in the industry has undoubtedly been a focal point against which all other shooters are compared, for better or worse.

    Today marks the first of what is expected to be an annual convention for the series. Call of Duty: XP attracted thousands of fans from around the world to experience Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer for the first time. In addition, a wide range of details were revealed about the game’s multiplayer, the Call of Duty: Elite service, and other extras during the near hour-long presentation. Before we go too much into detail, I recommend watching the worldwide premier multiplayer trailer (below) that debuted shortly before the convention commenced.

    Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling and Sledgehammer Games’ co-founder Michael Condrey followed Hirshberg’s introduction with a fully detailed explanation of the new perks, killstreaks, and game modes that are seen in the fast-paced trailer. Below you will find a brief summary of each topic they touched upon and some of the biggest changes coming to Modern Warfare:

    Strike Packages
    Kill streaks were a huge concern for Modern Warfare 2 players; it was extremely frustrating getting dumped into a lobby only to be constantly bombarded by enemy air support. Infinity Ward stressed the importance of fan feedback and definitely applied what they learned in the development of Modern Warfare 3′s completely revamped kill streak system. Kill streak rewards will now come in the form of “Strike Packages” that are categorized in three separate tiers that cater to specific types of gameplay:
    Assault Strike Package: If you’re traditionally a close-combat player, the Assault Strike Package gives you the kind of killstreaks that are familiar to previous Call of Duty installments and includes assault helicopters, AC130, Predator missiles, mortar strikes, and Juggernaut suits. These are the rewards that will keep you dealing out direct damage.
    Support Strike Package: For the player who prefers supporting their team by capturing flags or Domination points, the Support Strike Package will give them perks that help the whole team. For example, after a certain amount of kills a player can drop Ballistic Vests that his respective teammates can pick up. There are also explosive decoy care packages that explode if the opposing team attempts to grab them as well as a fourteen-kill required Stealth Bomber. Support Strike Package users are able to earn these types of kill streaks over multiple lives rather than being reset after re-spawning.
    Specialist Strike Package: This package is for those of you who wish you could use more than three perks at a time. Instead of getting air support or recon planes, consecutive kills reward the player with additional perks, such as slight of hand or extreme conditioning. After two kills, you earn an additional fourth perk of your choice which is immediately activated; you get a fourth perk at four kills and a fifth at six kills. After eight consecutive kills you get every perk available – die, however, and you will lose them all.
    Removed Perks
    If you played Modern Warfare 2, then you will most likely have a few grievances about the multiplayer’s perks and kill streaks that you definitely could have done without. Bowling noted a few perks and kill streaks that will not be returning for Modern Warfare 3: No game-ending nuke, no Commando, no Last Stand, no One Man Army, and no shotguns as secondary weapons. Personally, these are all aspects that infuriated me constantly while I played online. There was nothing worse than getting lunged at with a Commando-wielding foe from seemingly half-a-mile away or getting an endless supply of “noobtubes” being sent your way, no thanks to a player using One Man Army. I must say less is more in this case.

    for more, check out this link.

  2. Chriz Says:

    If you liked the way MW2 feels, and you like cool new stuff…you like MW3.

  3. sir sabastion Says:

    They r just adding new content

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