What game is going to be better battlefield 3 or modern warfare 3?


What game is going to be better battlefield 3 or modern warfare 3?

Fri, Jul 29, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

I want to buy both but since they are a week away from each other I’m probably only gonna be able to get One I want bf3 for the super realistic gaming experience but I hav modern warfare 1 and 2 and want to complete the trilogy.


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  1. Rayne T Says:

    Modern Warfare. All the way

  2. Justin Says:

    Modern warfare 3

  3. Jaython Smith Says:

    battlefield mofos

  4. Vlad Schmidt Says:


  5. Tentacruel Says:

    MW3 battlefield is a boring piece of crap

  6. Skat3rKidMoney Says:

    MW3 all they way

  7. B Says:

    Well I think Modern Warfare’s plotline will be more interesting. Not to mention the fact that millions more will actually buy the game, so you’re bound to be able to play with lots of friends online.

    Battlefield is all about realism. If you’d prefer realistic gunplay over a loud shoot-em-up, I’d go with Battlefield.

    Overall, however, I’d pick Modern Warfare since I think more of your friends will be playing it anyways. Perhaps rent Battlefield later?

  8. Smolter Says:

    Just look at those amazing graphics

    Battlefield 3 is gonna be revolutionary, its gonna change the games as we know it.

    Modernwarfare 3 is gonna be the same thing, just campaign is gonna have like 2 hours fo soldier labour. Honestly, i used to love the CoD series, but they ruined it with horrible online, community, repeated stuff, etc.

    Battlefield 3 is gonna change the way we play FPS games, and have the best graphics of all time. ‘Nuff said

  9. Jordan Says:

    I would say both because they will both have better graphics and all new guns and stuff

  10. Sticky Bobby Says:

    Story: MW3

    Gameplay Dynamics: BF3

    Multiplayer: Draw

    Graphics: BF3

    Weaponry: BF3

    Realism: BF3

    BF is being totally overhauled with new everything whereas MW3 is the same engine as MW2 and Black Ops with only a different story. BF3 takes this one they’re serious this time.

  11. Jman Says:

    Battlefield 3 is going to be the best FPS shooter of the year.DICE is coming out with a brand new game engine,Frostbite 2,which allows for amazing destruction and physics.BF3 will be featuring a new animation system that was used in FIFA called ANT.It allows for super smooth animations.MW3 may have a better campaign,but in case you haven’t noticed the trailers for MW3 show nothing about the game.BF3′s trailers showcase the amazing sounds,graphics,physics,and game play.The campaign in BF3 will also be good as G4 tv said,”Battlefield 3 will be a watershed moment”.

    Multi player in battlefield beats COD hands down.It offers 24 player games,64 on the PC,gigantic maps that are super detailed,destruction which a whole new level of interaction,and best of all,vehicular combat.BF3 will feature ATVs,tanks,boats,armored fighting vehicals,helicopters,and now FIGHTER PLANES! Kill streaks are a thing of the past where you become the napalm strike or rolling thunder.Campaign offers only so much,BF3 may lack plot line,but we all know that FPS games are only great for multi player.And when it comes to multi player,save yourself the $60 and buy BF3.Because COD multi player is like watching the grass grow compared to BF multi player.

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