what is better mw2 or mw3?


what is better mw2 or mw3?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3


Question by : what is better mw2 or mw3?
which one do you think is better mw2 or mw3

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Answer by XxqickscopezZzxx
i tink mw5 is alot better man. its got the good grapchiscs u know?? i got da game before it is release man :D

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  1. OU812 Says:

    I’ll know shortly. Heading out to pick up MW3 in about 10 minutes. I play MW2 a lot. I know many folks feel it’s played out, but I enjoy MW2 online. I’m not much of a campaign player. MW3 is going to have to be very awesome if it’s going to cut into my MW2 playing time. I kept Black Ops all of two days before I gave it to my nephew. I’m addicted to the MG4 w/ grip on MW2 so MW3 better have something close!!

  2. Ace Ali Says:

    MW3 is better than MW2 because of the new features. It has the same graphics, MW2′s graphics are great now MW3 has the same graphics. The maps are great, but if you are a camper you will not like it because there are not many places to camp. I am not a camper so personally I think MW3 is much better. (Plus you can play with 2 people online.)

  3. Infection5193 Says:

    mw3 but just barely. mw2 was fun the campaign was ok i loved spec ops which i think was awesome but the best was the split screen multiplayer where you didn’t need to play online to play multiplayer. mw3 though is pretty good for multiplayer with new types of kill streaks which are pretty cool and the perks are pretty much the same. then you have survival mode which is the sh*t. its like a revamped version of zombies with a lot more stuff. the campaign is pretty good but im not sure which is better. but overall i think mw3 is better. black ops doesn’t even compare except for the bots though they were pretty cool. the guns in mw3 are more balanced but that kinda takes the fun out of the game if everything was balanced it would be an even match for everybody. its fun to beat that d-bag that’s being cheep and quick scoping. everybody is gonna have a different opinion about which is better but it’s mostly based on certain parts they like better like multiplayer or which spec ops is better. even those people that like it just for the campaign which is almost never why people buy cod but yea its whatever you like better.

    if you are new to mw3 or mw2 i would suggest starting off with the scar and the red dot it a good reliable weapon with decent power and good accuracy but the drawback is a low mag but a couple perks will fix that right up.

  4. Ed L Says:

    This is really a tough question to answer. I’m a First Person Shooter Purist. I love Multiplayer Online action, and I’ve been playing FPS since 1990 with the military and commercially 1992 with Wolfenstein 3D.

    There is no doubt MW2 was the best game of its time. It was so good, that off its reputation alone, it made Black Oops (Ops) become the most anticipated let down in First Person Shooter History. I will never buy another Treyarch game unless they refund my Black Ops money.

    So now Infinity Ward gets the ball back to make MW3. How do you make the Best First Person Shooter EVER better?

    Well they tried, and is its better? Yes and No!

    With the Graphics, Maps, new killstreak rewards and game types … They are Wicked Nice!
    Maps are great, graphics are much improved and you get to choose between 3 type of killstreak rewards and rank up your weapons. NICE!
    Plus, I love Kill Confirm, Great GAME!

    Overall, great improvements and additions!

    But I must say this, when I played MW2 and I’d go for a NUKE and get close, My heart would be Pounding, My Blood running and Adrenaline rushing and thats why I played MW2. That RUSH!
    It is not there with MW3. Stacked support killstreaks make it easy, the Assault killstreaks are not that impressive as to you can really effect the outcome of a game. The RISK of going for a nuke was major and the reward was the ultimate pay out. And its gone from online play. :(

    Plus MW3 gameplay doesn’t flow organically like MW2 did. MW2 just flowed naturally with its movement.

    So again is MW3 better…
    For the most part yes. It is a fun game.
    But it just doesn’t carry that Umph! that makes it a great game like MW2 did.
    I must add that the weapons are a lot more balanced and that’s a good thing.

    The series may make money but it will no longer have the title as greatest First Person Shooter. I will now look into BattleField 3 and its new engine and see what Respawn Entertain has coming out in the future.

    And this is about as real of an answer as you can get!

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