What is better MW3 or MW2?


What is better MW3 or MW2?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Question by : What is better MW3 or MW2?
I play Team Death Match on MW2 using an Intervention sniper whipping some butts.In MW3, I use an MSR in Kill Confirmed.I usually play Black ops when I get headaches in MW3.MW2 is the best-selling game ever and MW3 also is the best-selling game ever.I’m confused!

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Answer by George
This is more of an opinion question,but i think that mw3 is better because better campaign, spec ops (Survival mode is better than zombies), and mw2 i felt was cheap because of the noob-tubing and commando. The only flaw in mw3 is that i feel he maps are harder to get used to. Mw2 i played for 2 weeks and i got all the maps in my head, but i have been playing mw3 for a month and I’m still getting used to the maps. But that’s just in my opinion.

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  1. Jimmy Says:

    mw3 is better for multiplayer and mw2 has a better campaign

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