What is the best classes and fastest way to level up on call of duty 6?


What is the best classes and fastest way to level up on call of duty 6?

Mon, Mar 1, 2010


What is the best classes and fastest way to level up on call of duty 6?

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  1. Balmung Says:

    i prefer sniping but if you are faster paced, go for something with a rifle in it

  2. Mark V Says:

    it would either be scar or acr or just any assault rifle

  3. that guy Says:

    if u just want to rush, ump with holographic
    m16 is good too

  4. sinpulse(ps3) Says:

    Use whatever you can use to unlock some stuff and get to the following. The grenade launcher gives good kills and the second shotgun you unlock rules indoors. Other than that go with what your good with and use those frags. Semtex is aight but you can’t huck it like a frag.

    You eventually want to have this

    Tar- with red dot sight and silencer : the tar sux ass until you unlock both of these and use them together with bling 2. Once you have them both the gun really comes into its own.
    g18 pistol- another weapon that doesn’t come into it’s own until you unlock the red dot and silencer. With bling 2 you can use both on the tar and g18. This gun rules because you move just as fast whether you have your sights up or down and it makes an excellent running weapon. You just have to take the time learning it. Which means dying and cussing alot.
    I go with a throwing knife for my equipment so I can talk shit but the frag was my first option.
    depending on what you play I like big team games so I use a smoke to help me move around or go stun because they kill more often than flashes.
    I really prefer the smoke once you get used to using it tactically it rules.

    Learning to use these weapons is tough but worth it once you do. Everyone is going to say famas/m4/m16 and the g18 sux because they don’t challenge themselves.

    Learn to conserve you ammo and find good hiding spots in high traffic areas and you will start owning with this combo.

    much luck to yah.

  5. izabela Says:

    i would use a scar-h to start with because it is accurate and later on when you get bling put silencer and red dot sight on it. and if you want a good secondary gun get the raftica or g18. and use semex grenades for your equipment use stun as secondary. But if you like a faster gun use the tar 21 or mini uzi when you unlock it

  6. Dan Wiebe Says:

    headquarters, because if your team wins then you get 200 xp + match bonus + 50 xp per kill = around 3000 xp a match. the match bonus is usually around 2000. also when your team captures the headquarters you get 10 xp every 5 seconds roughly, for 4 seconds. it only counts for 5 for the match score, and the game ends at 200, so you would get 400 xp just for winning a match even if you don’t get any kills.

  7. Alfonso Says:

    dont listen to this nubs mssg me on xbox live and youll see how good i am…… btw tar sucks period. gt is piuck. gb rank is 2.1k

  8. mmhm138 Says:

    M4 or Scar assault rifles are the BEST class in call of duty 6. The fastest way to level up is to do search and destroy a lot, eventually you’ll get good at it if ur not and i think u get like 250 points for a kill. Also do your weapon challenges, this is how i got to 8th prestige in call of duty 4 while my other friend was still at 3rd. We play about the same amount of COD.

  9. BIGMan Says:

    A good one to use is primary AUG HBAR with grip and fmj and secondary as ranger with fmj and akimbo. Perk 1: bling pro
    Perk 2: stopping power (pro)
    Perk 3: last stand (pro)
    Trust me this really works well when you use it properly. I know i am 7th prestige and level 60.
    Howeves if you are playing s&d DO NOT use this class you will get owned. Instead use scar h with silencer and heartbeat and g18 with akimbo and fmj. Perks are bling pro, cold blooded pro and ninja pro. Equipment use frag and stun with final stand.

  10. Lucas Says:

    Assault + nubetube till u get shotgun.
    That shotgun + stopping power on hardcore = aimbot
    YOu dont need to hit, you need to shoot.

  11. rene Says:

    I would choose Explosives class…
    Rifle with grenade laungher ,
    any free launheable luncher

    Extra mags
    Danger Close

  12. tom Says:

    i havent played cod 6 in ages so i might be a little bad at names but i used the
    primary: 50-cal w/fmj
    secondary: m93 raffica w/rds
    leathal: throwing knife
    tactical: flashbang
    perk 1: slight of hand (pro)
    perk 2: (stopping power until you have fmj then i used cold blodded)
    perk 3: sit rep (pro)

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