What is the difference between MW3 and Black Ops?


What is the difference between MW3 and Black Ops?

Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Question by Joker: What is the difference between MW3 and Black Ops?
I got Black Ops and no other COD game and all I play is multiplayer and Zombies and would like to know what MW3 is going to have that Black Ops won’t. And no need to mention anything involving campaign because I don’t play that and don’t care for it.

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Answer by yoyoyoyo
Zombies wont be in the game. But spec ops will. There will be improvement to multiplayer

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  1. Obama Says:

    MW3 will have way more potatoes.
    Black ops is known for having cacti.
    All COD games have pancakes.

  2. Gabriel Wilson Says:

    The multiplayer will be much the same as black ops with a few slight changes such as no second chance and ghost. Also their is no kill streak but “point stewaks” which means capturing flags contributes to getting a shopper gunner etc. Obviously there will be new guns and a few new perks. Leveling will be much the same however you wont have the black ops currency or “cod points,” but rather the mw2 unlocking system. Mw3 will have new game modes such as “kill confirmed.” – a dog tag dropps next to the person you killed then you have to run over and get it to confirm the kill. The opposition call deny the kill by getting the dog tag quicker. Also instead of zombies their will be “survival mode,” where you survive oncoming waves of bots. You can upgrade weapons, armour etc.
    Watch the youtube video I linked to you. Its the full mw3 multiplayer reveal

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