What is the difference in Call of Duty 4?


What is the difference in Call of Duty 4?

Wed, Apr 21, 2010

Call of Duty 4

I can’t find out the difference between Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty World at War. Is it just the time periods? Which one is better? Also, if you can think of any other good Xbox 360 games that would be good too.


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  1. supr squirrel Says:

    Well, both games run on the same gaming engine so they should look and play fairly similar.

    The biggest differences..at least in my opinion…are the types of weapons available and close quarters fighting.

    There are more (and perhaps better) weapons available in Modern Warfare as it takes place in the here and now and there has been 60 years to develop better weapons, scopes etc.

    World at War seems to have more ‘hand to hand’ combat as the enemies can pop out of spider holes at any moment and you really don’t have time to get a clean shot off with a weapon most of the time.

    I also think World at War has a bit more blood in it, but considering WW2 was one of the bloodiest wars ever that is to be expected.

    If you liked Modern Warfare and World at War you might want to give BIOSHOCK a look. Granted, it’s not a ‘war’ game, but it is a first person shooter (and so much more, too.)

    In my opinion it’s one of the greatest games ever made for the 360.

  2. I Am Legend Says:

    The broad difference is Call of Duty 4 is set in obviously modern times. World at War goes back to World War II. Other than that there pretty similar, just seperate themes. Also World at War wasn’t made by the same developer as Call of Duty 4.

  3. www.KeyShop.org Says:

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  4. Jon D Says:

    I used to play 4 until I got waw. Just yesterday I went back to 4 and hated it, heres some main differences.

    4 is present time, waw is ww2, 4 has better guns, waw has better attachments, 4 has gun camos, waw has tanks, 4 is more colorful, waw has more blood, 4 has airstrike and helicopters, waw has artillery and dogs.

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