What is the most appropriate Modern Warfare game?


What is the most appropriate Modern Warfare game?

Tue, Jun 14, 2011

Call of Duty 4

I might allow my son to play Modern Warfare, but I need to know which one has more inappropriate content and what the inappropriate content is. My son is 10 and kind of mature, but he does not always make the best desecions.

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  1. James Says:

    I suggest allowing your son to play the first modern warfare. Reasons being, as this game is an older version it the graphics (blood etc)arent as up to scratch than in a newer version.

  2. Brian Boer Says:

    for a childs health i would personally suggest not to let him play any shooter games, aspecially not the call of duty series, as every game has atleast a few headshots that are graphically displayed.
    and one of them even thrusting a flagpole into someones back as they lay on the floor.
    instead id buy my son a wii, with some challenging games he can play with school friends.
    shooters like these have no replay value so you play them once maybe twice for the achievements.
    a fun game for kids is viva pinata island, its a bit tricky and require you to use your mind and concentrate, and once you accomplish something good you’l feel good about it.
    though shooting a few thousand enemies gets quite repetitive.
    also a great game for kids is fable1-2-3 it has a huge replay value, you also get a dog which hunts treasures with you, and even though you kill people its not graphical, and the games have very fun missions, and a good story line most people can understand including 10 year olds.

  3. Cable47 Says:

    Modern warfare really isn’t violent except for some graphic headshots but not like brains flying everywhere maybe just a squirt of blood got a friend who let’s his son play it and he seems pretty fine to me I think he has all honors classes and he’s 12 believe me modern warfare isn’t very violent compared to other shooting games out there . If you think a game is too violent for your son, watch gameplay videos from YouTube instead of going based off peoples opinions

  4. Mr Big Says:

    I wouldn’t get him any of those shooter games if I were you. There’s a reason it was rated “Mature”.

  5. Thrashard Says:

    call of duty 4 is definately the most appropriate call of duty. Less graphic than the others, and less vulgar language. It is also the best call of duty made so thats a plus. I would say 10 is a fine age to be playing this game. He is old enough and hopefully raised right where he understands that it isnt real and killing and stuff is bad to do in real life. Im in my 20s, been playing shooters since I was and I turned out fine, but ultimately its up to you.

  6. ♫S.y.n.xx♥sees♥stars♫ Says:

    Call of Duty 4 is more suitable for younger audiences and is, in my opinion, the best of the two (soon, sadly, to be three).
    Modern Warfare 2 has graphic content (A mission that involves killing countless Russian civilians in a Moscow Airport) and language deemed innapropriate for your son’s age.
    Modern Warfare 3 will be much the same as MW2 and contain the same inappropriate content.
    CoD 4 (Modern Warfare 1) is simplistic and never goes over the top.

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