what systems is Call of duty 7 coming out on?


what systems is Call of duty 7 coming out on?

Thu, Jan 20, 2011


what systems will call of duty 7 come out for? I heard rumors it may just come out on PC and Xbox 360 and not PS3. Does any one know if this is true? I want to know so I can decide whether to get a PS3 or 360.

(Call of duty 7 is coming out December 2010)
ya I know…..a year is a long time. Luckily I still have Call of duty world at war and Modern warfare 2 I can play till then :)


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  1. Tarun Says:

    the rumours are just spread by kids with xbox 360…it is coming out on all the main systems including the ps3, considering that the ps3 is a big % of their market they wouldn’t make it xbox exclusive.

  2. bluekatt Says:

    same as usual pc ps3 xbox 360

    and thats a whole year away dont you think your a bit early ?

  3. Stuart Says:

    there hasnt been an official announcment, or even a teaser of cod 7…your jumping the gun here…but it unlike Infinity Ward/Treyarch (whoever’s making it) to leave out platform so dont worry

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