what type of game will call of duty 7 be (i am hugely guessing that theres going to be a 7th one?


what type of game will call of duty 7 be (i am hugely guessing that theres going to be a 7th one?

Tue, Apr 13, 2010


do you think it will be another world at war or another modern warfare or a totally new experience.

im personally getting a little bored of the world war ones.

what do you think?
a COD Vietnam or COD future?

just a thought?


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  1. phil v Says:

    COD iraq lol. idk im guessing there gonna try something new and go with some sort of future thing

  2. nyc101 Says:

    i hope they make a Vietnam one. i want to fight in the jungle

  3. Dense-Electric Says:

    Hopefully something other than Modern War or World War II; both have been done, beaten, and run over with a bulldozer several times. They’re boring at this point (though I am semi-hopeful for MW2, because it looks like there’s actually some colors besides grey, brown, and muzzle-flash). Hopefully it’ll be something a bit more original; for example, a somewhat-realistic take on future combat? And I mean 100+ years in the future, not 2011 or 2015. How about World War III? Or World War I? Or even the Civil War or the Revolution? I think game developers are scared to try those because of 20-second-plus reload times, but a good company should be able to make that sort of gameplay work. Of course, Call of Duty’s always been about completely mindless point-and-shoot gameplay, so perhaps this is too ambitious for Infinity Ward (one thing I can say about Infinity Ward is that they are NOT creative in the least). Maybe another company would do it, though…

  4. Zero Says:

    There will be a 7th one. It will be developed by Treyarch. I believe i saw this on Gamespot.com but not too sure. It will be based during the Cold War. which is weird because it wasn’t an actual war so they might just use it as a backdrop and create an original storyline.

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