What’s the difference between COD Modern Warfare 2 and the hardened edition?


What’s the difference between COD Modern Warfare 2 and the hardened edition?

Sat, Mar 27, 2010

Call of Duty 4

I pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2 a few days ago but I didn’t specifically ask for the hardened edition. What’s the difference between the two games and can I still get the hardened edition when I go to Gamestop tomorrow?

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  1. Turn-a-frog Says:

    the hardened edition had to be preordered and it came with posters and real working night vision goggles but it costs alot more the regular edition just has the game and costs only $60… thats what i preordered
    hope this helps

  2. Guy Says:

    First guy is wrong, The night Vision goggles are for the PRESTIGE Edition which is $180 Dollars. The hardened edition gives you a tin case and some special artwork.

    There are 3 Different Versions You Can Get,

    -Normal Edition (Just The Game)

    -Hardened Edition (The Game + Artwork and few other things)

    -Prestige Edition (All Stuff In Hardened + Night Vision Goggles With Stand)

  3. madmen180 Says:

    ok, well the basic difference is that the harden edition has a art book and it has a metal case, kind of like a tin while the regular game is just.. well regular, like any other game.

    you can still get the harden edition but that has nothing to do with the pre order, if you pre orderd the regular one for store pick up that means they have a reserved copy for you and if you dont pick it up and pay for it they charge you 5 dollars on your credit card, idk if the hardend edition is at stores or if you have to pre order it specialy

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