when does the modern warfare 2 demo come out on xbox 360 or ps3?


when does the modern warfare 2 demo come out on xbox 360 or ps3?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Question by : when does the modern warfare 2 demo come out on xbox 360 or ps3?
when does the modern warfare 2 demo come out on xbox 360 or ps3 but mainly xbox 360

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Answer by Tehskanksta12
No way of knowing. Unfortunatly with big titles like these they do not release demos. but well just hafta wait and see

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  1. The Animal Says:

    They won’t release a demo until it’s closer to the date of the actual release for MW2. It may be September or October before either console sees a demo.

  2. Ult1m8 Says:

    applies to beta as well as a demo

    Q: Is there any type of Beta currently active?
    A: No.

    Q: Are there any type of Beta keys currently available for anyone?
    A: No.

    Q: Is a Beta actually confirmed to take place?
    A: No. Nothing has been confirmed by anyone from IW, so a Beta is only a possibility at this time.

    Q: Can you put your name down on a wait list anywhere to sign up early for a possible Beta?
    A: No.

    Q: Are there any surefire ways to guarantee that you get into a Beta if there is one?
    A: No. There are no guaranteed routes to getting into a possible Beta. Many people say being active on the forums, etc but those are only speculation. No one knows for sure HOW to get into a possible Beta besides IW employees. Please do not ask anyone for ways to get into a possible Beta, as any answer is pure speculation and the opinion of that said person.

    Q: Will Infinity Ward provide information about a possible Beta?
    A: Maybe. If Infinity Ward does have a Beta for Modern Warfare 2, then it would be likely that they would provide some details about it to the public. I will update this thread as soon as any information about a possible Beta is released.

    Q: Is Modern Warfare 2 available for pre-order in regular and collector’s editions?
    A: Yes.

    Q: If I pre-order either version of Modern Warfare 2, will I get into a possible Beta?
    A: No. The idea that pre-ordering MW2 will get you into any type of Beta is pure speculation and just a rumor. This rumor may be said by a person, or persons, who are guessing on how to get into a possible Beta. If you have been told this as being true, then you have been misinformed. It may have happened in past games, but it in no way guarantees that it will happen this time around. This idea has not been announced, stated, or otherwise talked about by Infinity Ward. As such, the only way this idea would become true is if Infinity Ward announces it in the future.

    Q: What IS a Beta?
    A: The best way to answer this question is to provide a link to Wikipedia detailing what a “Software Beta” is. I will try to provide a short synopsis here in the future, but for now, please follow the link to read about it.
    Wikipedia Entrance for Software Beta The link and resulting page will automatically load to the subsection detailing software Beta (as there are multiple uses for the term “beta”). So, don’t get confused when the page loads 1/2 of the way scrolled down. Also, this Wikipedia entrance explains it as well, perhaps in more depth than the first link. I suggest looking at both to get your answer just in case. Software Testing

  3. jm Says:

    I went to gamestop to pre-order the copy and they said it will come out around end of august for both systems

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