When will call of duty 8 come out?


When will call of duty 8 come out?

Sat, Mar 19, 2011

Call of Duty 8

I’m not sure whether to get black ops, I’m getting xbox 360 in mid february. I’ve played the game many times at my other people’s houses. But when I get xbox 360, I’m not sure when to get. All my friends are like 4th and 5th prestige. I will be a really low level. Even if I do get to 5th prestige they’ll be on like 10th or 11th prestige. I don’t want to be a low level. That’s why I’m asking, does anyone know when the next call of duty is coming out. So I can just start a fresh with them on that game?

Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Dave Browne Says:

    A Call of Duty game is more than likely to be released in November, however whether this will be Modern Warfare 3 or a spin-off (made by Sledgehammer Games) remains to be announced. You are better off getting Black Ops – at the end of the day, higher prestige levels essentially mean nothing, except for unlocking new emblems at level 13 I think.

  2. SwimChamp Says:

    what’s wrong with a low level? the point is that it’s FUN!!! call of duty 8 comes out around the same time the previous have, in early november. But i suggest you get black ops, because the heads of the orginal Infinity ward were fired, and thus there might be chaos in getting a new game out there. so in other words, you can’t expect the next game to be as good as the previous. trust me, black ops is worth it.

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