Who is the best call of duty player in the world?


Who is the best call of duty player in the world?

Thu, Mar 31, 2011


I play call of duty competitively and I want to play with and against the best players out there. Who do you think is the best call of duty player out there?

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  1. Riley Says:

    well theres these two kids named luke, they are the best from what ive heard, and they’ve been playing cod for ages.

  2. Spawn Trap Says:

    Well, if this is a serious question. I have been playing call of duty 4 for 3 years since it came out. I was a member of 2 of the top ranked gb teams in 2008. But enough about me. The best player I have ever seen was a guy named callmeout1v1 on xbox live. This dude just raped. I met him in a public lobby while he was already on a win streak. This guy was knocking kids out of the game left and right. Luckily I spawned in on his team but when I was spectating him I was shocked. He clutched every game without fail. One of them it was 4v1 on ambush and idk how he knew this kid was there but he jump shoted the kid across the map with a m16 headshot then turned on another that was trying to spray him from the other side, then 2 players stormed him with mp5s and he 1 bursted them booth with the crazyest drop shots I have ever seen. This was amazing to me I was without words. The next 7 or so matches he was still with out fail on a streak everyone but me and a few others that were on his team left the lobby. He was just shuting it down.

    After the match I invited the guy to a private lobby and he beat me on shipment 30-100. I was blow away by this kids skill. Im pretty good myself but geezz I cant explain how good this guy was. Even my friends were blow away. After that match I got to talk to him I asked him how he was so good and he says he was trained by 2 pcl pros to play like that. I asked him to be on my gb team and he rightfully declined. He also didn’t except my friend request, even tho he was real cool about it. He said he was just an underground player. But,The kid is like a prodigy. This call me out Rapes. Yes, with a capital R. And after 3 years of playing I can honestly say he is the best.

  3. Alex Cool Says:

    IXI Game OD that is the team name and the team players are called : JKap415 , rambounit , t3x and sidroc. i would say sidroc is the best C.O.D player in the world he was leader of the team who came second in the world in the last cod4 competitive league and atm he has taken IXI Game OD to first in the MLG call of duty : Mw2 legue

  4. ibrahim Says:

    im the best player of the world cod uo..!real..
    my xfire dehsetibo my nick ***dehsetibo***Tr

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