why are 3 different teams making modern warfare 3?


why are 3 different teams making modern warfare 3?

Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

In previous call of duty games only one team has made the game but modern warfare 3 has other teams working with it instead of just infinity ward making the game, anyone know why.


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  1. Green Beret - RUS Says:

    Because it will be the best thing since Duke Nukem

  2. Seti Von witzenberg Says:

    For better mulitplayer experience and better graphical engine.

  3. Electric Uncle Sam Says:

    Because most of infinty ward quit.

  4. Alec G Says:

    Infinity ward got sued and had to hire all new people. So the noobs needed help from other guys

  5. Eirik Says:

    PROBLEM? trolololololol , BCUSE IT WILL BE THE MOST AWSOME GAME OF HISTORY, dumbass (sry for clack btw),

  6. Krammitman Says:

    Ahh you’ve asked a rather complicated question. Basically Activision is the publisher, and infinity ward is the developer, (much like a producer and director in films) Infinity Wards lead chiefs Vince Zampella and Jason West filed a lawsuit against Activision and left Infinity Ward after being terminated from a contract agreement. Without their leads Infinity Ward seems to have fallen behind on development so Activision pulled in some other developers to help pick up the slack. The three developers co-working on the game are Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, And Raven Software. Activision will still overall manage the production of the upcoming game so I don’t think we are in any trouble of receiving a half baked piece of software.

  7. Lower Says:

    Because they combine the best part of each studio so they can make a great game. So that both studio’s can do where they are the best in.

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