why are these countries involed in Modern Warfare 3?


why are these countries involed in Modern Warfare 3?

Fri, Oct 14, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3

Question by Natedog: why are these countries involed in Modern Warfare 3?
Why is England, France and Germany involed in Modern Warfare 3? I can understand England and France having a military and are pretty powerful but why Germany? Germany can’t even have a army. Why did Russia even start to attack us and the three other countries? I’m sorry but i can’t peice it together. I would like every detail. Didn’t Sheperd want to be a war hero or something? If you want to play xbox live with me, I have 9315 gamerscore, I get on every day and I love to play war games.

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Answer by Hank Hill
Ok learn something please, Germany has an army military. This isn’t 1950

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  1. Dinney Says:

    In Modern Warfare, Russians are like terrorists (the ones that don’t explode) and are possibly planning world domination, as for the country thing those for are those only reasonably hard one to fight, what you think they’ll attack Canada or something?

  2. Nick Says:

    First of all Germany does have a military, look it up. Next the reason that the war started doesn’t make any sense but I’ll explain it. Ok so the US recruited Private Joseph Allen of the US Army Rangers into the CIA. Next they sent him to partake in a terrorist attack in a Russian Airport to gain Makarov’s trust. Even though he could have just killed Makarov, Private Allen helps in the attack under the cover of a Russian terrorist and kills many innocent people. When Private Allen and the other Russian terrorists, including Makarov, get to a stolen ambulance to escape, Makarov shoots Allen, knowing that he was a CIA agent. Next, Russian police find the body of Allen and without any negotiation with the US, attack. Now as you can see there are many plot holes such as how the police knew that Allen was in the CIA, and that the attack was made without Russia even asking the US about it.

  3. ? Says:

    they want Germany for there weapons and shit, ok , they think dat the Germany will help America

    wait for mw3 for more info

    no they wont attack Canada
    they no were not a war country

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