Why does my daughter play Modern Warfare for 10 hours a day?


Why does my daughter play Modern Warfare for 10 hours a day?

Wed, Oct 27, 2010

Call of Duty 4

My daughter who is 15 going on 16 plays Modern Warfare for 8-10 hours a day. When I take the game away, she smashes things and cries. We hid the game and she’s begging us for it. She is an honor student but all she does is play that stupid game. She can play for hours and hours at a time. What should we do?


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  1. John Says:

    Its summer let her play and ween her off as school starts. When you just take it away out of the blue you come off as a prick ass face. And she will hate you for a long time.

  2. ron Says:

    If you don’t let her play she will probably turn into a webcam whore. Give her the game back fool.

  3. LFABC Says:

    I recommend you read the book, “How to Keep Your Kids Off Drugs.” It tells
    you what to do about video games.

    Lots of intelligent people play video games.

    But….lots of intelligent people get sucked into that and don’t bother living
    their lives.

    Read “How to Keep Your Kids Off Drugs.” It’s about how to raise your kid to be into LIVING his or her own life….setting personal goals, reaching personal goals, and being productive. Living! It’s even more fun than video games! We’ve just forgotten how to teach it.

    Your daughter should read it, too.

  4. Peter Says:

    She is addicted to it
    She has nothing in her life than can override that addiction.

    She needs to get out more and see real people, and connect with her parents without feeling like she’s being forced to or punished.
    Contact your ISP and go to a very low level of internet service if this is possible – this will make WoW too annoying to play, or if you are technically competent, set her computer’s internet settings to do the same thing. Or set the router to throttle her connection if possible.
    Limit her Wow play to 2 hours max, after which the scheduler cuts off her internet, or you manually pull the cable or switch off the wireless on the router if it’s not a cabled connection.

    It’s really a psychological issue and she’s not getting some needs met, and WoW is a perfect distraction of the ADHD kind to keep her from getting bored.

    Best idea is to get professional advice from a counselor who knows about this subject.

  5. Where's my scooby snack? Says:

    Take away the Xbox or whatever game console she plays on. Don’t just take away the game, take away the whole system.

    Taking away something someone likes to do or can’t stop doing is the only way they’re going to learn. And eventually stop doing.

    She could spend that time doing something more productive, like working out, helping around the house or being outside.

  6. C0nsp1racy Says:

    Peter, she’s playing MW, not WoW. Learn to read..

  7. KrisK Says:

    Note: I saw someone mention that you posted this question twice just re-worded on your other question. Are you trying to get the answer you want so you can show this to her and make her feel bad?

    That’s horrible.

  8. mooses left ear Says:

    If she’s an honour student, let her play it all she wants. If it gets too extreme and she won’t get off, then take it away, but maybe she’s been working her ass off the whole school year, and wants to relax in the summer. Also, she might be in tournaments that can earn her money XD

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