Why is everyone looking forward to BF3 and not mw3?


Why is everyone looking forward to BF3 and not mw3?

Wed, Oct 26, 2011

Modern Warfare 3


Question by : Why is everyone looking forward to BF3 and not mw3?
so my question is why does everyone hate mw3 now, whats wrong with the game ?

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Answer by Matthew L
I’m guessing BF3 is Battlefield 3? People, tons of people, used to play Modern Warfare 2. Then Black Ops came out, yet not that many claimed to actually enjoy playing Black Ops as much as they did with MW2.. Some may think MW3 may not be worth the wait.

Even though I’ve kinda stopped playing mw2 for awhile now and never play black ops, I’m looking forward to the release of mw3, it looks pretty cool.

Though I’ve noticed, * a lot * of people have started liking Battlefield’ more than any of the CoD games. LIke, everywhere I go with a group of guys who game, they’re talking about battlefield and how they can’t stand black ops and stuff..

Perhaps, with not just Halo vs CoD, there’ll be a bigger “war” between BF vs CoD.. Who knows… We’ll just have to wait~

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  1. RANDOM • DOT • PERSON™ Says:

    You have 3 best friends!?!•

  2. Hashan Says:

    Before I start up a fire, I have to say that I have played every single Call of Duty and Battlefield titles (besides the ones made for portable systems like Gameboy, PSP etc.) They are both shooters, but they offer very diverse types of gameplay, the average Call of Duty player is tactless and risky. Even the most patient player sometimes tends to run around the map like a jackass with their AK74-u or MP5. The biggest difference in the two games are map size. Battlefield has enormous maps. And frankly I like to play on maps that does not take 10 seconds to reach the other spawn point as in Call of Duty. Black Ops proved very disappointing with the spawns. It takes the fun out of the game when you shoot half a clip at an enemy just so he can turn around and kill you, and as soon as you spawn you get killed by the same person again. Call of Duty is for players who like Close Quarters shooters. Even though there are snipers in the game most players can effectively kill someone at the same range with a pistol, so what’s the point of having one? Battlefield is made for team playing. Huge maps, Completely destructible environments, vehicles (tanks, APCs, helicopters) make it look more immersive unlike Call of Duty. There’s more things to do in BF3. Thats why in my opinion it is a way better game.

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