Why is it wrong for a girl to like Halo or Call of Duty 4?


Why is it wrong for a girl to like Halo or Call of Duty 4?

Sat, Feb 27, 2010

Call of Duty 4

Everytime I play Halo or Call Duty 4 on Xbox Live. I would talk to people and they would ask me if I was a girl. I’d say yes and they would all say I shouldn’t be playing this. What is wrong for a girl to play any games that boys play, it is not like we are trying to be like boys, we are just havin fun.


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  1. Kyle S Says:

    its normal

  2. Humom baller Says:

    its not

  3. marco a Says:

    its not. its just that many guys dont have any girls in their lives so they tend to be like that. i have no problem with girls playing.

  4. rpg_gamer_604 Says:

    Some players are just stereotypical because they stay up for hours sitting on their lazy ass day after day playing Halo and CoD. Don’t worry about them just kick their ass.

  5. fieldsogreen Says:

    If you also like sportscenter and drink beer you would make the perfect girlfriend.

  6. YoUrDo0m2 Says:


  7. skippy8805 Says:

    Its ok to like boy games, some girls like the mall, but if you like video games like halo and call of duty, people should accept that , those games are fun too :)

  8. michel smith Says:

    ha ha are you kidding me there’s nothing wrong about it unless you are no good at it(it applies for guys too) so any way burst their head off while having fun

  9. thenoble1 Says:

    Anybody can paly any game they wan’t. Just because your a girl doesent mean you can’t play games like Halo or Call of Duty 4

  10. joseph r Says:

    i think its perfectly fine for girls to play we need more like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Radar Says:

    They only say that because they don’t like being beat by girls!

  12. The Original Cosnipa Says:

    They are just being asses, trying to impress the other kids they are playing with. I have a lot more respect for people like you, keep going what you’re doing, who cares what they think!

  13. rayzser Says:

    I’m a girl gamer, too, and face the same problem when I visit a friend’s house to play, or a guy catches me talking about video games. People believe that all girls should hide under their skirts and make up, but I beg to differ.

    Guys are just afraid because they know we’ll beat them. ;)

    (Btw, most if not all of the guys answering this question sound really nice and cool.)

  14. zacinnic Says:

    Lots of people don’t realize that there are a lot of girls on Live. Just tell them to go easy on you and hammer their asses.

  15. Tom C Says:

    I prefer girls that play games like Halo and COd4 personally, even though they always kick my ass.

  16. maskedmanic Says:

    Its because of the stereotype. Most guys dont think that girls like stuff like killing people, blood, gore, explosions. Guys think of that as GUY STUFF. Guys think that make up is GIRL STUFF. those are just examples. You have every right to play and people should not tell you to not play it. But heck if you like killing, blood, and gore! who are we tell say thats wrong. you shouldnt be judged by what you like, so give them some trash talk and pwn the stupid jerk

  17. stealspartan@sbcglobal.net Says:

    They’re little nerds who don’t want their turf to be invaded by girls who they can’t talk to to….. jk although that might be true. IDK it’s just people being Jerks, whats new huh? They try to act tough over XBOX Live. Just beat the snot out of them and they’ll keep their mouth shut. I kind of think it’s weird because, well, to be honest you don’t really play with to many girls in Call Of Duty 4 or Halo… I hate to say that but it’s not like Half of every game has girls in it while almost every game has guys in it. I would like to see more girls play though.

  18. dragon slayer Says:

    its not u its them…theyre probably prejiduced becuse they think girls cant handle the same stuff boys can-i dont think that though…i think everyone is very capable regardless of their gender.

  19. Shortie Says:

    Because society in general has the preconceived idea that those are boy games and girls should not play them. It is an older school of thought. I would think that now days people don’t think like that as much. Don’t let anyone tell you it is wrong. If you like it, then it is fine. You don’t have to answer to anyone on why you like something period. Just continue to have fun and don’t worry about the narrow minded, judgemental people out there.

  20. ls1kilr Says:

    its not there stupid

  21. mikel l Says:

    hahaha well thats stupid, there aint nthin wrong with girls playin halo or CoD or any action games. actually its cool to see a girl playin those games.

  22. t_marc7 Says:

    its not. its actually pretty cool

  23. moniushko Says:

    Because to them a girl playing a combat shooter is like a baby that knows how to drive.

  24. Kane Says:

    It’s just guys being territorial, some people are just to serious about those things

    Just beat them heaps and earn their respect

  25. *~Colby~* Says:

    My boyfriend LOVES that I play video games!

    It’s a way for us to spend time together, get a little competitive, and have fun.

    There is nothing wrong with you liking video games, especially my favorite Halo 3. Men and boys on XboX Live usually get excited when I’m on their team, and some get upset when I kick their butts.

    Do whatever makes you happy, and don’t let some kids on Live ruin your gaming experience!

    Have fun!


  26. HaZe32 Says:

    the ones that don’t want you to play feel that way because their scared you might beat them. I don’t have a prob with it, i wish my girlfriend could play cod 4, iv tried teaching her but its useless. lol. have fun pwning

  27. ashes Says:

    OMG! I feel the same way! I’m a girl on Xbox live playing CoD4, too. I hate it when they close down a match when the find out I’m a girl or are just plain stupid. Maybe we can play together sometime!

    My GT is ashes415

  28. Adrian Says:

    its fine , i play with this one girl and shes better then me and most my friends lol

  29. Old Sandwich Says:

    Its not that it’s not normal… its just difficult for a bunch of sweaty guys (myself included) to realize that shooting/violent video games can also be played by females. And if they are playing with a bunch of guys for hours at a time focusing on killing and “teabagging the noobs”, they probably have a misguided view on women. If anybody harrasses you for being a girl, file a complaint and send their name to ‘old sandwich’ (me) and il report them too

  30. Alex b Says:

    i dont think its wrong at all ill play with you right now add me

    SFbayboy-my gamertag

  31. nik 4 lyfe Says:

    well there just stupid the way to deal with that is to find some xbox live friends that will play with you and have them back you up besides that just play my sister places as my halo3 guest and people say the same things but then she just kills them all cause she owns
    case and point:play cause you want to just ignore them if they act gay

  32. komet20golfer Says:

    cause that usually means your a tomboy or a lesboian

  33. Jeff Says:

    its bcuz u pwn them all and they r jealous.

  34. stephanie g Says:

    They are prolly just mad cause they are getting killed by a girl, ur just hurting their ego. My Husband plays COD and there is a girl that used to play with him and his friends all the time and she was really good! Don’t take it to heart. I personally suck at it though :( I say play on my sista! Play on!

  35. madnessthisisdavid Says:

    mmmm no

  36. The0utcome Says:

    cause the boys you are talking to you are losers. You want to play with the cool people like me lol. (joking)

  37. tbaby Says:

    No. My sister and i always plaed video games together

  38. Homar O Says:

    Some men are afraid they’ll be emasculated if you beat them but I’m a man and I don’t have a problem playing with anyone as long as they enjoy the game.

  39. GamerPro Says:

    Girls have cooties and the boys are trying to avoid contracting cooties over the internet.

  40. Someone Says:

    Dude, my girlfriend plays it.

  41. savannah Says:

    K i’m only posting this because i’ve gotten A LOT of crap from people … I play Halo, COD, Farcry, Gears of War ; Everything . I’m level 29 on cod. I think? Lol, Anyway, I play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 . I’ve met some really nice guys on Xbox Live who teach me what alot of the things are, (considering I’m still new to the game) But I get discriminated against A LOT . I’m 13 years old, And When guys ask me if I’m a girl ,(as if a guys gamertag would be savannah987) I’ll say yes . . . They add me and invite me to partys, and then they will cuss me out and tell me I’m probably a fat ugly whore . I could care less, But you seriously don’t have to be ugly and a nerd to play xbox . Honestly, I haven’t told any of my friends that are girls, besides 1 or 2, that I play (only guys). None of them do . . . But I LOVE playing video games. Mario, Halo, Farcry Instincts, Gears Of War, AlL that good stuff . But I think it’s stupid for boys & guys on there to harass+make fun of girls who play … Just because were girls doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to .. They should be glad that we have something in common with them ! When I went over to my guy friends house, Playing COD was ALL we did . That and NCAA ’10. (: I mean , Seriously … I don’t think it’s that weird .. And you guys shouldn’t either .

  42. Kaci Says:

    I’m a girl to and I absolutely agree with you, the games rock. I get the same reaction you do and it’s totally pointless!

  43. AmyLuvsYou Says:

    Its not! haha i remember that my cousin got me into it me and him wuld be playing halo for hours.. I kno u wouldnt be seeing a boy in ur room puttin make up on ^_^ lol but still!

  44. AmyLuvsYou Says:

    Its not! haha i remember that my cousin got me into it me and him wuld be playing halo for hours.. I kno u wouldnt be seeing a boy in ur room puttin make up on ^_^ lol but still!

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