Why is there going to be a new Call of Duty? Black Ops?


Why is there going to be a new Call of Duty? Black Ops?

Mon, May 3, 2010


I know that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 just launched 5 months ago, and now a new one is being made? How could Treyarch make money if MW2 is still a big hit? They are just coming out too soon.
Just like CoD:WAW.
I simply don’t like Treyarch because they don’t really make good games.
Like Infinity Ward, they make way better games for the Call of Duty franchise.

My question is, why so soon?


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  1. Realist Says:

    Give the people what they want.

  2. Milk84 Says:

    They take turns every year. MW1 came out in 2007, World at War came out in 2008, and MW2 came out in 2009. By the time the new one comes out, we all will be waiting ready for it.

  3. Ronald Says:

    It’s coming out in November. They release a new one each year.

  4. myanusisbleeding Says:

    treyarch and infinity ward switch off, so now games come out every year or so. and trust me, its prolly not gonna be as boring as WaW

  5. Benjamin Says:

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  6. Frenchi789 Says:

    its only because you have to major gaming companies treyarch and activision both putting out games at a rate of one game per year treyarchs last game cod 5 activisions last game modern warfare they are just to rivals seeing who is going to come out on top

  7. Tucker Says:

    Well…it’s too bad Infinity Ward is no more. Activision is being the greedy little ****s they are and trying to make money. Just like the only reason they signed Bungie was to make money. R.I.P Infinity Ward. R.I.P. CoD4

  8. Kjun Says:

    I’m pretty sure the next one is Vietnam. They’ve pretty much milked WW2 as much as they can.

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