(Wii) call of duty modern warfare reflex for wii, multiplayer?


(Wii) call of duty modern warfare reflex for wii, multiplayer?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Question by : (Wii) call of duty modern warfare reflex for wii, multiplayer?
i want to get call of duty modern warfare reflex for wii. i was wondering, does it have multiplayer? does it have online mode? and can i have two people play it at the same time from the SAME wii (i have two remotes)?
i would like for two people to play at the same time from two DIFFERENT remotes. also, if this game can not do that, what other call of duty games are there that can do this (or call of duty like games)?

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Answer by Alex Moloney
i think you can because on the back of the cover on the right side of the case it has a wii remote and the number 2. its called squadron mode.

i have black ops that is fun

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  1. Josh Henry Says:

    Yes, the Nintendo Wii port, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex has both Offline and Online Multiplayer. In addition to this, you can play through the Campaign with a friend: Player One controls the Character with the Nunchuck, and Shoots with the Wii Remote, while Player Two can only Shoot. It is an awesome game, and I recommend it highly!

  2. Escap Says:

    This one is the best wii games.
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex
    Product Features
    - Completely customizable control settings and full Wii Zapper support adds a new layer of depth to the visceral action of Modern Warfare.
    - For the first time, play through the epic campaign of Modern Warfare co-op gameplay with a friend on a single screen. At any moment, a second Wii remote can be activated giving the second player their own aiming crosshairs.
    - Contains unparalleled Wii multiplayer with full support for perks, challenges, kill streaks, and customizable classes. Jump on the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to dominate opponents online in multiple game modes.
    - Features immersive graphics and amazing special effects, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex is the most visually impressive Wii game to date.
    - Features an arsenal of more than 70 weapons and gear including assault rifles with laser sights, claymore mines, .50 caliber sniper rifles, and M-249 SAW machine guns, so you’ll be locked and loaded to accomplish the mission.

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